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Witney’s cleaning wonders

The Witney Community Hospital housekeepers and porters have received an Exceptional People Team Award from Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust – for going above and beyond to maintain cleanliness and safety on the front line. The team was nominated by Christine Lucas, ward sister and manager for Linfoot Ward, who applauded them for their dedication, with both patients and visiting relatives regularly complimenting staff on how clean the hospital is.

The ward sister says: “ I am in awe of all the things they have to do daily for us without complaint. I would absolutely hate someone trying to walk over my wet floor. They never complain when we move the ward around or ask them to clean a room or bay at short notice. “We are aware it is their job, but we see first-hand every day how hard they work. Often short staffed, covering a large community hospital, they do it without complaint.”

A proud day for the hospital housekeeping and porters team
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