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Why state-of-the art WiFi matters

Never mind the fluffiest towels and immaculate housekeeping, these days hotels and spas with ‘dodgy’ WiFi are likely to receive guest complaints, not just from business travellers, but also those taking leisure breaks.

We’ve probably all had the frustration of staying in what looks like a high-tech hotel only to find internet connection dropping, and by contrast the experience of a surprisingly super-fast online service in period properties.

Some sites at Champneys, for instance, which include Grade II buildings with vast grounds and square footage, had a network infrastructure no longer fit for purpose. With lagging signals in the outdoor spaces and ‘dead zones’ within the building, guest complaints, payment terminals and staff work applications were all causing challenges for the hotel and spa group.

Champneys understood that the modern guest would come to their site with a desire to disconnect and relax, but maybe not entirely. They decided to offer guests the latest in WiFi technology so chose to install WiFi 6 throughout the property. The new Cat 6 cabling and Wifirst’s state of the art precision AP deployment provided great coverage throughout the buildings, even in the main outdoor areas.

And by giving today’s users vital access to their social media accounts, they are far more likely to share stories and posts with their followers, which is directly leading to new bookings for the spa and hotel.

Anthony Bargery, Champneys IT director, says: “Wifirst has provided Champneys with an updated WiFi infrastructure that enables faster connectivity throughout the resorts, within our budget. Our guests are now able to get online easily which has enhanced their ability to easily promote Champneys Resort through various social media platforms leading directly to increased bookings.”

Even Champneys was in need of some internet ‘hotspots’
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