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Vision ‘Steps In’ to Boost Morale

Vision was quick to react when Covid-19 hit in March and sent staff home to work remotely. The majority of UK head office teams and in the European office, continue to work remotely some eight months later for a company that has always seen staff as its biggest asset.

Like many other businesses, scheduled video calls help keep the teams up to date on what is happening in the market and the business itself, while assisting in ensuring a good dialogue between individuals.

Thomas Mulrooney from Vision found that his challenge became an enjoyable family affair

To help boost both mental and physical wellbeing, both likely to be affected in some way throughout the pandemic, Group Hospitality Sales & Marketing Director Fraser Donaldson set the hospitality team the task of challenging themselves. Each person set their own unique challenge to complete over a four week period.

The challenges submitted were diverse, ranging from increasing daily steps, achieving running goals, eating healthier to increasing quality time spent with the family, and even to giving up a Diet Coke habit. The goal was to give every individual something to focus on external to their work and to bring about a physical or mental benefit, with the added incentive of a fitness watch as the winner’s prize.

Friday hospitality team video calls lifted spirits as they light-heartedly reviewed individual progress.  By the end of the four weeks, we can say that of the 27 challenges submitted, some had more success than others, while others truly smashed their set targets. Ultimately there can only be one winner, and that was Thomas Mulrooney, Vision’s Ecommerce Manager, who challenged himself to walk 100,000 steps per week. Read how Thomas did it in the next issue of Housekeeping Today.

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