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Vision recycles over three million plastic bottles for hotel bedding

Global textile giant, Vision Support Services, is delighted to help tackle the plastic pollution problem through its nominated supplier status with voco, an IHG brand.

The company has developed and supplied bedding made from recycled plastic bottles to voco hotels across the world, from the UK to Dubai and as far as Australia, equating to over 530,000 bottles which have been reused and recycled.

Vision has also supplied the world’s largest voco hotel in Mecca which has 4,200 rooms. All of the bedding which has gone to this hotel equates to over 2.6 million bottles.

In the UK, 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are used each year, with the average person using around 150 plastic water bottles. This is roughly the same as three a week. Many of these bottles are discarded and ended up in landfill or polluting our seas, rivers and oceans.

Vision’s manufacturing partners receive plastic bottles from recycling centres in and around the regions in which they are based which are then broken down into fibres to create the numerous filled goods that go to voco hotels.

On average, a soft pillow is made from around 33 bottles whilst a firm pillow is made from 43 bottles. A single duvet is made from 80 bottles, whilst a double duvet is made from 131 bottles.

Equally, the partners that Vision work with also ensure that they use energy from renewable sources where possible. One of Vision’s major bed linen suppliers works off 70 per cent renewable energy generated by wind which has been confirmed through external audits by the Control Union. The bedding range for voco is designed and delivered in line with the IHG brand standards and helps to ensure that the bottles and plastic waste, which otherwise would have ended up in landfill, is transformed into incredibly soft, fluffy and light fibre which are immensely comfortable and breathable.

Vision’s group hospitality sales and marketing director, Fraser Donaldson, said: “Since our inception, Vision has strived to be at the forefront of corporate social responsibility. We actively seek to be a good corporate citizen in everything we do and we’re delighted that voco have chosen to lend their support to us through this brand new range.”

“Plastic pollution is an evergrowing problem across the world and it’s close to reaching a point of no return. As a supplier, we’re always looking for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle and we’re honoured to present this range to our customers, who also want to address the issue of using more sustainable and eco-friendly products.”

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