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Unleash the robots

Unleash the cleaning robots during COVID-19

More and more organisations are successfully merging human and robotic cleaning workforces during the Coronavirus outbreak to combat staff sickness and keep the country moving.

The Perfect Little Company (TPLC), an Oxfordshire based business is the longest running provider of rentable commercial cleaning vacuum robots in the UK. Robots can be deployed at mass in commercial environments using a patented trolley system.

So how are robots helping to reduce infection? Well, as we know the Coronavirus can spread from person to person, so using something as simple as a robot vacuum will certainly minimise human contact. More and more organisations are looking to invest in, and use, technology to ensure their staff and clients are protected as much as possible. Robotic commercial vacuums can cover cleaning teams who are sick, isolating or to simply keep them safe. No social distancing measures are needed when vacuuming and the robots do not mind a night shift. Abbee (our commercial robotic vacuum) also has an optional mop attachment. By using a light disinfectant or probiotic cleaner this can help keep hard floors sanitised.

Michael Richardson, managing director of TPLC comments “Clearly, the virus outbreak has put a renewed urgency behind the trend towards increased automation and use of cleaning robots. We hope the introduction of our robots will go towards slowing the spread of coronavirus and also ensuring cover is in place in the future.”

Of course, at some point organisations will need to return to some sense of normality. Undoubtedly, the current crisis will ultimately result in many organisations taking a much closer look at how they are using technology going forward – not just for efficiency, but sustainability.

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