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UKHA still Zooming

The latest UKHA Zoom meeting was hosted by the London Region and provided those attending with a host of fascinating thoughts, facts and figures from invited speakers.

Chris Davis and Paul Kelly from Rubbermaid gave a presentation on the company and revealed that the core ingredients of the products can help hotels reach sustainability targets because they last a long time. Paul explained that the business may have its roots going back to 1785 but was now in the 6th wave of innovation through mechanisation via steel, electricity, computers and now the biotech world.

Paul Kelly,
Commercial Director Rubbermaid

They are now producing recycling bins in several styles and sizes, including some with dividing compartments, and new ones will be launched in 2021. Research showed that nearly half of hotels are still looking at how to implement sustainability, greatly outnumbering those who say it is not on their ‘to do’ list.  Reassuringly, 87 per cent of hotels say they are now happy with the sanitising systems they are using.

Rubbermaid have also produced H cart for the past 25 years, and recently launched the quick cart which helps improve efficiency but is not able to accommodate linen as it is not large enough.

Research across 10 countries helped to establish what housekeepers wanted in a trolley. High end hoteliers were looking for bumpers on the trolleys to avoid damage to wallpaper and walls, which are costly to repair.

Rubbermaid also supply soap and sanitiser plus sanitiser dispensers – and even a light which sanitises, ‘crackling’ until hands are completely clean. See

Next up was Craig Prentice, founder of a new platform called mum, for hospitality recruitment. He also decided to launch a ‘now pause’ initiative, a practical self-help care toolkit for mental health.

It consists of six relaxation pod casts, helping with issues such as better sleep and positive thinking, ranging in length from five to 20 minutes. Craig himself has used this system as he suffered grief quite recently. With the suicide rate increasing significantly, he also walked for Calm between 17 and 30 October, which was supported by Calm and Hospitality Action. Calm have a helpline every evening plus a chat facility for those that cannot speak on the phone. So far they have helped to save some 250 people who were contemplating ending their lives.


The last speaker was a 60 second chat from Jim Wilkinson from essity on wrapped 2 and 3 ply toilet tissue and hand wipes produced in packs of 10 for guests to use or take away. See

Webinar host Jo Simovic from Umbrella Training reminded those attending about their transition workshops on building your CV, mastering interview techniques, using Linkedin, a culinary club and transferring your skills. These are free to all housekeeping and hotel staff.

London UKHA chair Liana Sparks closed the evening with a raffle where five lucky viewers won £50 vouchers.

The next UKHA Zoom meeting is being hosted by Midlands, SW & Wales Region on Wednesday, 25 November at 6pm when Jo Simovic will be joined on the panel by Delia Cannings, acting chair and treasurer Angela Jaquiss. The speaker will be Nigel Smith, Mattison Contract Beds, looking at ‘Sleeping soundly post lock down’, covering the crucial factors regarding bed and mattress care and reassurance for guests that rooms and particularly beds and mattresses are safe.

Delia Cannings will provide essential advice on the key factors to consider when carrying out room checks as we strive to avoid reinfection and spikes.

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