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UKHA focus on staff wellbeing

The latest UKHA National Zoom get together was an uplifting event hosted by the Scottish region. Gordon McIntyre, Founder Trustee of Hospitality Health, was an inspirational speaker, sharing with members how the charity supported people in the industry undergoing mental health, addiction, and wellbeing issues.

McIntyre, Associate Dean of Hospitality and Tourism at Glasgow City College, was introduced by Scotland chairperson Jo Wilby.

The charity was founded three years ago and has played a huge part in helping people during the COVID-19 pandemic but has supported those struggling with the likes of alcohol and drug abuse, gambling, mental health issues and life events such as bereavement since forming.

McIntyre shared the ‘family story’ of Hospitality Health and how the involvement of young people and expansion of the message through social media had helped to spread the word. The charity’s website is home to a wealth of accessible support, including self-help guides. As a result, although the charity is Scotland-based, hospitality people from around the world have accessed its advice, particularly those googling ‘hospitality and mental health’.

Hospitality Health is urging employers to make hospitality a better place to work by making small differences that added together change their staff’s experience through a Wellbeing Charter scheme.

See and view the full UKHA session, which is packed with excellent tips at

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