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Truvox flying the flag

Manufacture of Truvox International’s Cimex carpet and floor cleaners has returned to the UK after a dozen years of production in the USA.

“We’ve been working on bringing Cimex carpet and hard-floor cleaners back to the UK for the past three years,” says Gordon McVean, executive director of Truvox International, which is based at Southampton. Cimex was acquired by Truvox in 2003 and four years later Truvox itself became part of the Tacony Corporation. By 2008 manufacturing of Cimex products had moved to the US. McVean says: “Due to Covid, everyone is now much more aware of hygiene and health and safety, so business owners and facilities managers need to ensure they’ve achieved a truly deep clean to reassure both staff and visitors. Shops, shopping centres, hotels and casinos have been closed for months due to the coronavirus pandemic, so efficient and effective Cimex three brush technology has a hugely important role to play in restoring confidence for employees and visitors.”

Cimex machines provide heavy duty cleaning applications, and are not something you would use on a daily basis. High footfall premises in every sector require a thorough deep clean around every four to six months, but post Covid, all premises now need to ensure they’ve achieved a truly deep clean. As well as creating a more hygienic and measurably cleaner environment, Cimex machines deliver major productivity savings as they can clean large areas with a single pass.

Production of Cimex carpet and hardfloor cleaners is now back in UK

Cimex Encap™ is a low moisture carpet cleaning system ideal for use in hospitals, nursing homes, leisure centres and hotels. The unique Cimex three brush technology makes these heavy duty carpet cleaners simple to operate and extremely efficient. The process involves scrubbing a polymeric cleaning solution into a carpet and allowing it to dry. This process releases sticky soil from carpet fibres and ensures that it does not re-attach. As the Cimex-Encap solution dries, the encapsulated soil can then be vacuumed away. Cimex Cyclone is a multi-purpose scrubber/ polisher, suitable for scrubbing, cleaning and polishing virtually every type of floor, including on uneven floors, studded rubber floors, quarry tiles, and safety flooring. “Truvox International excels at manufacturing and being able to reinforce British manufacturing by saying ‘made in the UK’ is extremely important to us,” says McVean. “When we shared that we were bringing the manufacturing of Cimex back to the UK on social media at the start of the year, the reaction was really positive.

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