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Treats and sweets that hit the spot

As the Christmas season approaches, hotel and spa managers are busy planning an exceptional experience for their guests

A warm welcome endures when guests discover those special items which become talking points during their stay and are photographed to be shared on social media, reviews and with family and friends. The Christmas season may be short but happy memories and a wish to return last much longer.

When it comes to a sentimental treasure guests can take home with them, a bathrobe elegantly embroidered with both their name and the hotel logo is hard to beat. Luxury textiles specialists BC SoftWear has introduced an offering that’s set to make holiday services unforgettable: personalised, embroidered bathrobes. The embroidered bathrobe signifies an emblem of your brand’s commitment to excellence, creating a lasting impression that resonates far beyond their stay. This bespoke service also offers a practical edge, making it more than a lavish gesture. By providing guests with these take-home bathrobes, hotels effectively streamline their operations by easing the laundry burden during the busiest weeks of the year. In turn, this allows housekeeping to prioritise other festive touches that matter.

Fleecy embroidered bathrobes in damson and slate grey from BC SoftWear

Young guests can also enjoy their own mini embroidered robes, making them feel every bit as special as the adults. It’s little details like this that etch your establishment into family memories. The simple joy of wearing a robe designed just for them can make a Christmas stay memorable and encourage guests to make your hotel a regular part of their celebrations. While the allure of personalised robes is undeniable, timing is essential. Given the bespoke nature of this service, BC SoftWear advise hotels aiming to enchant their guests with this special touch to place their orders several weeks in advance.

Delicious designs from Fusion Chocolates will undoubtedly out-sparkle any baubles

Hotel Festive is the only UK manufacturer of Christmas crackers and partyware purely aimed at the hotel, restaurant and hospitality industry. The range is specifically designed for hospitality use and offers all price points from 23p to £4 per cracker. Most crackers and contents contain zero plastic, and many are in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust charity. You can choose from foil board, kraft board and a range of specialist materials with highly attractive designs and patterns. What could be more delightful than a sweet, sumptuous treat that not only tantalises the taste buds but also carries a touch of personal sentiment? For many, chocolates are synonymous with special occasions, moments of indulgence, and a sense of warmth. Whitakers Chocolates have introduced a personal touch to this timeless delicacy. Their personalised chocolates offer guests a unique experience, bridging the gap between the homeliness of a personal gesture and the luxury of a hotel’s offerings. Imagine a guest returning from a long day of sightseeing or business meetings to find a box of chocolates on their bed, bearing a special message or the guest’s name. It’s not just about the taste – it’s about the feeling of being seen, acknowledged, and celebrated.

The holiday season is all about traditions, memories, and the joy of giving. Whitakers Chocolates’ themed Christmas gifts seamlessly weave into this narrative. These are not just chocolates; they are stories waiting to be shared. For hotels catering to families, the Christmas-themed chocolates can be a magical surprise for the little ones. Picture a child’s eyes lighting up as they discover a Santa themed chocolate box or an elf-themed treat. For corporate guests, a bespoke box of Christmas-themed chocolates can serve as a token of appreciation – a nod to the festive spirit and a testament to the hotel’s attention to detail. In the competitive world of hospitality, it’s the nuances that set one apart. By incorporating Whitakers Chocolates into their festive offerings, hotels can provide a blend of luxury, personalisation, and festive spirit – ensuring that guests will talk about their splendid stay well into the next year. A little bit of chocolate can go a long way in creating lasting memories!

Fusion Chocolates are luxury artisan chocolates made by Paula Bui in Yorkshire. The lifelong chocolate lover began with a ‘kitchen table top’ business, handmaking chocolates and mastering the art of tempering, then completing further studies with chocolatier Kalle Jungstedt of Sweden, expanding her knowledge of the complex medium chocolate is and discovering the art of pairing flavours. The demand for Fusion Chocolates has seen a move from the home base to a kitchen in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, but all that love still goes into every chocolate produced. Each is hand decorated to look stunning and filled with heavenly handmade fillings. These chocolates are sure to give your customers the wow factor. Making the ideal pillow chocolate treat or a VIP chocolate box, their packaging can be customised, or the chocolates created to match colour schemes or logos. This year the dedicated chocolatier has come up with some splendid seasonal offerings, from advent calendars and mini boxes to hand-painted chocolate bars and signature collections.

Stunning: one of the luxurious Rituals advent calendars featuring 24 treats, available through Bunzl Rafferty

The luxurious range of Rituals gift sets available from Bunzl Raffety are sure to impress and show guests your appreciation for the them. From the Ritual of Ayurveda’ balancing gift sets to The Ritual of Jing’s relaxing selection, they create some meaningful moments. The selection includes show gel and body care gift sets. Rituals also have the all-new House of Rituals Classic Advent Calendar featuring a beautiful design and collection of 24 luxurious treats selected from Rituals most-loved products including skincare essentials.

Bunzl Rafferty also offer a large selection of chocolate gifts, including favourites from Lily O’Brien and Whitakers in some lovely designs whether the choice is Neapolitan-style, bars, or in Christmas crackers or gift boxes. They can also supply personalised chocolates.

What a treat for guests: a box of delicious Whitakers Chocolates which can be personalised
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