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In the words of the National Laundry Group (NLG), “wherever you are in the UK, we’re on your doorstep”

How is this possible?

The NLG offer this service across the UK through a network of modern well-equipped laundries with a team of people who are committed to providing excellent levels of quality and customer service. The NLG encompass an impressive 28 laundries with a combined turnover of £46 million. Each of these laundries is owned and managed by a dedicated entrepreneur who recognise that service excellence is the only way forward to build a successful business and ensure lifetime customers. Each company involved is proud of their affiliation with the NLG and have committed to providing ‘Service Excellence’ in all facets of their business.

The services included can vary from linen rental, workwear rental, laundering of customer owned goods and a complete washroom package. Complementing the needs of a single or even a multi-sited operation. The NLG proudly boast just over one per cent of items dispatched being returned which they believe is probably the best in the industry.

How do NLG achieve this?

Alistair McCrae, chief executive of NLG, believes in working with the very best companies to maintain the high standard.

What does being a member involve?

The group meet regularly, around the country, with meetings up to five times per year giving them the opportunity to run training seminars, invite speakers to discuss and lead debate on requested topics and, of course, the social aspect builds industry relationships.

Being part of a group also allows them to combine the purchasing power of member laundries and attract pricing from suppliers, which allows better competition in the market place and give an edge when competing locally. All member laundries are regularly inspected and test piece washing, which is managed by LTC, is carried out with all results being passed to the laundry and the NLG, allowing for any issues to be discussed and rectified. NLG’s CEO Alastair McCrae comments“ I believe that The National Laundry Group has been very successful in the last three to four years and this is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our laundries who consistently deliver service excellence to our customers and ideally places us to continue our success and future growth.”

What is the advantage to the customer?

Choice, flexibility and quality. Means that the customer who requires national coverage has more choice. Customers are safe in the knowledge that service is a top priority, and should there be any problems, a compensation package is offered should they fail to meet expectations. Delivery standards are monitored closely offering a twohour window and they have a 24/365 day out of hours emergency number which is in every service level agreement.

Tina Gleed, publisher of Housekeeping Today UK and Laundry & Cleaning Today magazines says: “As industry publishers of laundry, textile care and hospitality magazines we are honoured to be invited along to many of the national meetings, giving us an insight into the different member businesses. Sitting in, it is very interesting to hear the different challenges each business deals with daily, be it finance, transport, linen supply, usage of chemicals, maintenance issues or even finding the right energy provider. “These members between them have a huge amount of experience and are willing to share their knowledge with you. We, as an outsider have been made very welcome and are actively encouraged to contribute to member discussions. If you are a UK laundry business and have not attended the NLG meetings before, we strongly urge you to contact the group as this can only help your organisation going forward.”

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