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Whether it’s dining indoors or out, give your guests a reminder of why they love the hospitality experience with pristine table linen.

In a world turned upside down due to Covid-19, we’ve seen the resilience of the hospitality industry push back with Covid-related innovations. However, there is one item in the hospitality industry, already in existence, that can aid in restricting the spread of both Covid-19, as well as other germs and viruses.

In recent years, there has been an upward trend of restaurants predominantly spraying and wiping surfaces, rather than covering them, but this could be about to change. Linen table covers or tablecloths can greatly reduce the transfer of germs between a person and the table. This issue rates much more highly now for restaurants as they increase their cleaning procedures and measures to reassure customers.

This ivy leaf design from Vision sets a standard diners will appreciate

Vision Linens offer both cotton and polyester table linen, as both offer durable, machine-washable qualities, and are available in a wide range of colours and styles. It comes down to personal preference to whether your rate a quicker drying, crease resistant polyester tablecloth over the breathable properties of cotton. Cotton does not suffer from a build-up of static, which can make it harder when separating out your tablecloths. Clean, white linen will always reign most popular of all the colours. Vision offer a choice of colours and patterns from satin band, to ivy leaf and a rose design, allowing establishments to best match the setting they wish to achieve.

New to their sustainable textile brand, ecopure, are E230 recycled napkins, constructed using recycled superfine polyester fibres. Recycled polyester is a similar quality to that of virgin polyester, while giving a second life to a material. The partridge eye design adds a stylish touch, with five popular colours to choose from.

We can expect restaurant-goers to be wary of threats to their health and looking for signs of hygienic practice, so any wear and tear previously overlooked will no longer be accepted, particularly at the table, warns Richard Haworth. Pristine table linen is fundamental to providing a premium service that assures your guests they are in safe hands. And with outdoor dining this summer becoming more essential, restaurants need to think of ways to bring a premium dining experience to an exterior setting. Laying the table with luxurious placemats and table runners provides a stylish feel whilst adding an extra layer of protection. Richard Haworth’s Amalfi collection is available in 26 colours and features matching placemats, table runners, napkins, and tablecloths of all sizes, for a chic and harmonious finish.

Richard Haworth’s stylish linen will bring a premium dining experience to any setting

This market-leading table linen boasts a luxury soft cotton feel for a premium restaurant experience and can be found in establishments such as Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons and Gordon Ramsey. With excellent colour retention, minimal shrinkage, stain release, and resistance to snags, the Amalfi collection provides longevity that doesn’t compromise on quality, ensuring your table linen looks brand new with every wash.

With hygiene being your guests’ first priority, high-quality linen napkins are essential. A safe and cost-effective alternative to paper napkins, linen napkins reduce waste and add a finishing touch of luxury. Richard Haworth’s new premium Portofino linen napkins are a deluxe addition to any restaurant table. These 100 per cent linen napkins are super-soft, hand-crafted in Italy and feature an elegant hemstitch finish. Richard Haworth’s stylish bistro napkins look perfect for a casual dining experience. Made from 100% polyester but giving the feel of cotton, these napkins have excellent snagging resistance, minimal shrinkage, and outstanding absorbency.

As Linen Connect rightly point out, table linens are one of the most important points of contact you have with your customer to demonstrate reassurance that dining is safe and in a sparkling-clean environment. Their Renoir range of superior 100 per cent cotton satin-banded table linen is sure to impress. With two-fold yarns in the warp and weft, this is a product which gives a luxury feel to your guests, but is still durable enough to last, and generate value for you. Having supplied table linens to hospitality and commercial markets since 1968, Linen Connect has constantly refined its products and stayed abreast of the latest trends. Aware that customers are rightly more environmentally and socially conscious than ever, they have developed some of the highest environmental and social governance standards of any linen supplier. For decades Linen Connect has worked closely with partners around the world not only to minimise the impact they make, but to actively work to make a difference for thousands of communities.

An immaculate look from Linen Connect: the superior 100 per cent cotton satinbanded Renoir table linen

Star Linen are inviting venues reviewing their table linen requirements to consider their alternative to cotton – their crisp white classic table linen from the Lemongrove range which will complement any room or occasion. Its 100 per cent spun polyester properties ensure it benefits from excellent stain resistance and superior colour brightness. The thread count is 122, the fabric is highly durable and wears extremely well and yet still feels like cotton. The bright white 240gsm linen provides that crisp restaurant look. It can be washed again and again, making it a firm favourite with laundry customers. The Lemongrove range offers minimal shrinkage and is available in a wide range of sizes suitable for settings from coffee tables to banquets. As Stephen Broadhurst of Star Linen says: “We look forward to welcoming many of you back to work and applaud those who have been proudly supporting our key workers during this most challenging of times. Hopefully, we will all be able to enjoy some normality very soon and we are here for you whenever you need us for your linen and bedding needs. We are also here if you just want a chat or an ear to listen!”

Star Linen’s Lemongrove range benefits from excellent stain resistance and superior colour brightness
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