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The bedtime story’s happy ending

Luxurious bedding and the ultimate mattresses and pillows provide new chapters in the quest for a great sleep experience.

Whether fans of cosy comfort or cool, all our guests desire the perfect night’s sleep, even if they might also have preferences over mattress and pillow firmness. They want to wake ‘fresh as a daisy’, preferably in a bed that exceeds both the comfort and luxurious feel of any sleeping choice at home. That, together with pristine linen and a sense that everything is safe and clean, contributes so much to their stay – but can provide housekeeping experts with plenty of dilemmas even when they ‘know’ the profiles of their expected guests. Let’s take a look at some of the latest developments in bedding and beds.

Raj Ruia, director of Richard Haworth, says that while interior design trends may change and in-room technology become more advanced, that ‘perfect night’s sleep’ remains the sought after ‘Holy Grail’ both hotel guests and hoteliers alike. His team firmly believes it all starts with the perfect pillow.

Richard Haworth say there microfibre 10.5 tog duvet continues to be a bestseller, with the percale cover providing a soft down-like touch
Richard Haworth hollow waterproof mattress toppers can give that ‘five-star feel’

“There’s arguably nothing worse than the wrong pillow when you settle down to sleep – too thick and you end up with neck pain in the morning, too thin and you feel unsupported,” he says. “We’ve all been there where the pillow doesn’t feel ‘just right’ and this can really get guests feeling wound up, when they should be busy winding down for the evening. A popular solution is to provide both a standard and firm pillow for guests. The Richard Haworth Micro Down are designed to replicate the feel of luxury goose down, yet due to being synthetic are also hypoallergenic, so you avoid the coughs and sneezes that come with allergies induced by natural goose down alternatives.

Ruia continues: “For the perfect pairing, opt for our Microfibre 10.5 tog duvet – which continues to be a bestseller with many hoteliers that we supply. The percale cover provides a soft down-like feel, without the risk of allergies, so again this product balances both luxury and comfort.” For those looking to really offer a five-star service, a mattress protector can add extra comfort for an undisturbed night. “We offer a range of mattress toppers and protectors, which are a popular solution for those establishments who cannot justify the very costly expense of replacing old mattresses or who want to prolong the lifespan of newer mattresses,” said Raj. Richard Haworth’s waterproof Hollowfibre mattress protector has a breathable PU coating on the underside so keeps completely dry at all times. They’re easy for housekeepers to fit – with an elasticated 33cm deep skirt that fits most mattress sizes.

CleanRest mattress encasements include the PRO Max, designed with vented ends to allow warmed air to escape

Mattress protection can really make a difference and specialists CleanBrands recommend their CleanRest products, made with MicronOne fabric to effectively block liquids, stains and act as a barrier against allergens and mold particles. A big selling point is how ‘breathable’ the soft, protective fabric is, allowing for a cool, soothing and quiet sleep experience.

CleanRest was first to receive CDC Level 4 Classification, the highest virus protection barrier for commercial products. Their products are machine washable to 71 degrees Celsius and available in premium optic white fabric. A 10-year warranty reduces waste and environmental landfill impact. CleanRest mattress encasements include the PRO, PRO Max and Platinum 360 Quilted. The encasements are fully integrated with patented Zip-N-Click design, a self-locking zipper enclosure that blocks and traps bed bugs and dust mites. PRO Max mattress encasements have four-sided waterproof protection, top, bottom, left and right sides. The PRO Max is designed with vented ends to allow warmed air to escape for a cool and comfortable sleep surface.

The CleanRest Platinum 360 quilted mattress encasements can replace three items used to protect bedding: the encasement, waterproof protector and mattress pad. Also offered are Premium and PRO Max Antimicrobial pillow protectors which effectively block liquids and resultant stains. The antimicrobial treated fabric kills bacteria on contact and vented ends allow cool airflow.

At Star Linen there’s been a big focus on ‘the sleep experience’ and the result is an exciting new pillow menu focussed on wellbeing. Their Wellness collection features eight new pillows which go far beyond the traditional feather or standard fibre filled pillow options.

Star Linen’s new pillow collection includes the Super Cool with its TPE silicone 3D structure honeycomb pattern

The Super Cool pillow, for instance, has a TPE silicone 3D structure honeycomb pattern on the top layer to provide a cool surface to sleep. Soft and resilient, it helps with releasing pressure on the head and neck. The outer cover is removable via a zipper and is machine washable. The pillow is filled with hollow fibre to provide greater support and durability. Likely to be popular choices are Star Linen’s pillows infused with the likes of charcoal (good for moisture absorption, dissipating heat and even neutralising odour, making it perfect for ‘sweaty sleepers’) or aloe vera (renowned for its natural healing and rejuvenating properties). Or how about a pillow featuring innovative carbon threads interlaced into the pillow outer, with the aim of helping to re-balance your body by reducing electrostatic charges that build up throughout the day? Or copper, with its natural anti-bacterial properties to shield against bacteria and reduce skin irritations?

A fascinating choice is the CBD relaxation pillow which is micro encapsulated with CBD oil to provide a calm, relaxing sleep all night long. The friction of hair and skin gently breaks the micro capsules during rest, releasing the CBD oil, known to help with a calmer sleep. Slightly more traditional, Star Linen’s Air Flow pillow features a knitted cover for softness and comfort. The side mesh ensures maximum air circulation. The collection also includes the Hot and Cool pillow, perfect for all seasons. It has two types of sleeping surfaces, one side is with warm faux wool for winter and the other is a cool max sleep surface.

The clue is the name when it comes to Vision Linens’ Vision V choices. Taking its name from the roman numerical for ‘five’, aligning to five-star plus hotels, Vision V uses the finest quality linens in an exclusive collection creating a truly luxurious experience. The VV Goose Down pillow and duvet offers an indulgent softness achieved through a 90 per cent goose down and 10 per cent goose down filling. With a high 400 thread-count, 100 per cent cotton cambric, the pillow and duvet covers give an added comfort and sumptuous ‘luxury hotel’ feel, with grey contrast piped edges. They have been More Than Clean antimicrobial treated proven to help protect against coronavirus spread, and having high efficacy rates against numerous harmful pathogens.

Vision V flat bed linen consists of a high 300 thread-count, 100 per cent mercerised cotton to achieve an attractive lustre and superior appearance. The sateen weave and fine yarns provide a luxuriously smooth and silky finish. Choices include plain, 5mm satin stripe or a 10mm satin stripe to complement any guestroom.

Fraser Donaldson, group hospitality sales and marketing director, says: “The Vision V collection proves to be impeccable, responsibly sourced and always tested for lasting durability. For those looking to go a step further, take a look at our ecopure brand of sustainable textiles. From organic cotton blended with recycled polyester, to Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified recycled polyester fill, to products selected for their easy care and quick laundering saving on water and energy.

“Our eco-friendly fabrics are engineered to perform at the highest standards, to extend their useful life with no compromise in the quality of the guest experience.”

A simple round the year guide to making the most of a Sleepeezee Edwardian Hospitality mattress

All Sleepeezee mattresses are handmade to award-winning standards at the company’s factory in Kent and come with a five-year guarantee. Sleepeezee’s products are created by expert craftspeople – since 1963 the company has been a proud Royal Warrant holder, a reflection of its dedication to quality and exceptional services.

The Hotel Classic 1000 demonstrates how Sleepeezee’s premium standards and craftsmanship translate to a hospitality environment. With a luxurious damask cover and hand-woven, tufted finish, the mattress provides the perfect balance of comfort and durability. The 1,000 individual pocket springs and quality fillings, which include natural wool, rebound cotton and comfort fibres, ensure a luxurious sleep for guests.

Sleepeezee offers a door-to-door delivery service, from the factory floor to hotel rooms, and professional installation. So, no matter the order size, its beds are always installed correctly and on time.

There’s arguably nothing worse than the wrong pillow when you settle down to sleep – too thick and you end up with neck pain in the morning, too thin and you feel unsupported

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