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That touch of class at the table

We see lots of lovely photos at Housekeeping Today and it’s those featuring the best table linen which make us wish we could reach in and feel that silky quality!

When the party season is in full sparkle and corks are popping to celebrate events and holidays, creating Instagrammable moments and memories for guests is a must-do. To help create a bespoke look that wows, Vision Linens offers a rainbow selection of table linen and napkins, which can be mixed and matched. The Vision V Polyester plain table linen range comes in pastel hues from Wedgewood to New Gold and deep colours from Heather to Chilli. The spun polyester range is durable and quick drying, but giving a soft cotton-like feel that guests will love. Stain resistant, their superior colour retention means they will deliver vibrancy event after event, throughout the season and being wrinkle resistant makes them a housekeeper’s dream.

Going traditional this holiday season? Then Chilli Red and Dark Green would be a great combination and look equally classic with matching or contrasting monochrome tablecloths. Alternatively, pink is on trend again. Vision has two to choose from, Peach Bloom or gorgeous Sorbet, which paired with silver and gold accessories make a statement sure to impress. We also love the vibrant and magical purple Heather and the glamorous Dark Blue, both of which ooze decadent luxury. For those seeking a sustainable Christmas, Vision’s ecopure E320 napkins are made from recycled polyester. They offer a cotton-like feel and a stylish partridge eye design to enhance interiors. In silvery grey or black colour options and with a 230gsm luxury weight, they’ll elevate your table setting. The artistry of a beautifully adorned table is not merely a visual feast, but a warm invitation to diners, heralding the promise of a memorable dining escapade. The first touch of elegance that diners encounter is often crisp, pristine table linen. This primary interaction sets the tone, making choice of table linen an imperative one.

100 per cent cotton table linen from Linen Connect’s Premium range

Vikas Shah MBE, managing director and CEO of the Swiscot Group which owns Linen Connect, says: “The Linen Connect collection is meticulously crafted to embody a luxurious feel while showcasing an unwavering commitment to quality. The tactile satisfaction paired with visually pleasing table linen ensures diners are enveloped in a sophisticated ambiance from the moment they are seated. “What makes our linen truly stand out is the ability to retain that brand-new allure even after numerous laundering cycles. This characteristic is not just a nod to the superior quality we uphold but a step forward in promoting sustainability within the hospitality sector.” Shah says that table linen lifespan is exceptionally important at a time where conscientious consumption is celebrated: “Our linens are designed to withstand the rigours of frequent washing while retaining their texture, colour, and luxurious feel, making them a prudent choice for establishments keen on reducing their ecological footprint. The advent of the festive season is an opportune time for establishments to rejuvenate their table settings with enduring and elegant table linen collection. As you peruse current linen stock and contemplate the festive rush, choosing Linen Connect’s premium table linen range is an investment in crafting unforgettable dining experiences while championing the ethos of sustainability, says Shah.

Tradelinens and Tielle Love Luxury’s co-founder, Robert Lancaster-Gaye points out: “After the carpet, the biggest single thing on view in a restaurant is table linen. It needs to be well made, with good quality hems, fitting the tables correctly, bright white, or properly dyed so the colour doesn’t fade. Customers will notice table linen as they enter the restaurant, even if it is subliminally.” Cheap table linen tends to be available in limited designs and colourways, and invariably does not last as long as higher-end alternatives made from better quality yarn, so will need to be replaced more often, he says. “When it comes to laundering table linen, there is no absolute ‘best way’– the different fabrics all need slightly different washing, using different temperatures and ironing processes. The most important thing to remember though, is not to overload washing machines. Table linen fibres need to move to improve stain and dirt removal. “Also, don’t over-dry table linen before ironing. It’s important to not let bad stains dry out completely before laundering. Try to ‘ping’ hems on napkins before ironing them, to help get straighter hems and finally, do not over-bleach to remove stains!”

Edward Syed, director of London-based Dash Linen Hire UK is delighted that the 35-years-old family business has spent the past decade or so greatly increasing its involvement in the higher end of the market where hospitality customers expect top quality and service. “This is now our bread and butter work,” he reveals. “We have a very low staff turnover, with some of our staff being with us for over 30 years, so know exactly the kind of quality we need to produce.

That luxury look at the table, but Dash Linen say the laundry process has a big part to play

“We focus only on supplying restaurants and hotel F&B departments, specialising in table linen, napkins and chef uniforms. It can be easier dealing with one laundry company for hotels and restaurants, but we believe if quality and range is important it might be worth using an independent laundry.”

Syed believes his laundry set up is undoubtedly helping to achieve perfect results: “We have washer extractors and not tunnel washers. They do generally generate a better wash quality because of increased mechanical action. On top of that we hand feed our ironers with table linen rather than automatic feeders, so that we can control the quality. With clip feeders yes, you can feed more tablecloths per minute, but you are more likely to have creases on the front edge which we wouldn’t be able to send out to our customers.”

He’s a firm believer in table linen enhancing the atmosphere of a restaurant: “ While relaxed dining is more popular now, I still think linen-style napkins add so much more than paper napkins, which are also not reusable, whereas our linen is recycled once its life cycle has finished.”

Dash works with linen suppliers from across Europe to add more exclusive linens and designs to what we can offer. Recently a new 5-star hotel joined the clientele after finding their previous supplier did not stock the coloured linen they required for weddings. Dash has a sister company, Just4Linen, an event linen supply with a massive range of cloths and napkins.

Looking for something very special? Just4Linen’s range includes bespoke items

Just4Linen offers bespoke table linen, as well as large quantities of contemporary linen for corporate events. All clients receive the same professional service from us, no matter how big or small their event is,” says Syed. “We are constantly sourcing new colours and textiles which enables our event organisers to be on trend. Our luxurious table linen creates a fantastic base to set the tone for your event. Adding a subtle pattern or pop of colour creates another dimension to amaze your guests.”

Bedford-based FRNHZ supplies a first class collection of premium linens for clients all over the UK. Their table linen collection features exquisite designs and durable fabrics, suitable for both commercial and residential use. From tablecloths to napkins, they offer a comprehensive selection that complements any setting. There’s a focus on superior craft skills and attention to detail. FRNHZ is a distinguished provider of high-quality commercial kitchen linens including towels, aprons, and chef’s uniforms. Renowned for their commitment to durability and functionality, FRNHZ kitchen linens are crafted from top-notch materials, ensuring long-lasting performance even in high-use conditions. These linens are designed with both aesthetics and practicality in mind, making them ideal for restaurants, hotels, and catering services.

Oozing class, an FRHNZ black napkin

Raj Ruia, director at Richard Haworth, says: “The tablecloth look remains synonymous with the expectation of a luxurious dining experience, and can absolutely make an impactful first-impression. If tablecloths are too much of a conventional choice for your restaurant however, linen napkins can be enough to freshen things up. They can inject a splash of colour to restaurant interiors, whilst communicating that sustainability is something you care about as an operator.” Their Amalfi table linen range is regularly used in high profile restaurants. Available in 27 colourways, the range is made from revolutionary cotton soft fabrics to ensure ultimate durability, while providing a more sustainable solution to paper towels and other one-use options. Ruia explains: “Today’s customers are extremely savvy when it comes to understanding the impact that disposable serviettes can have on the environment. Diners are increasingly making considered choices, including where and how they dine out. Whether that’s understanding where food has been sourced, or the carbon footprint of the linens inside restaurants they frequent, they want to know they are supporting businesses with ethics. “Our Amalfi range has a unique stain-release fabric technology that requires lower temperature washes, with less rinsing and chemicals required, resulting in a more environmentally-friendly and durable product. This provides minimal shrinkage and superb stain release. So not only do our linens look impressive, but they also launder incredibly well and last for longer ¬– meaning they will keep both front and back of house staff happy.” Spotting that some restaurants were upgrading napkins while opting not to use tablecloths, Richard Haworth have adapted their napkins range to reflect this. Their premium Portofino linen napkins can be found in Gordon Ramsey restaurants and are a deluxe addition to any restaurant table. Super-soft, they are hand-crafted in Italy and feature an elegant hemstitch finish.

Richard Haworth’s ranges include sophisticated colour options, such as this forest green choice

Richard Haworth’s Bistro napkins are the finishing touch for a more casual dining experience as although made from polyester they give the feel of cotton, excellent snagging resistance, minimal shrinkage, and outstanding absorbency. At Thornton Mills their white napkins are meticulously crafted to add an element of sophistication and charm to gatherings. Made from high-quality 100 per cent polyester, they combine durability with a touch of luxury. The fine weave ensures they are soft to the touch, yet sturdy enough to withstand the rigours of regular use and laundering. Available in a convenient 20×20-inch size, the napkins are versatile enough to adorn both rectangular and square tables. Their washable nature adds practicality to their charm, making them ideal for repeated use at parties, dinners, and other special occasions. The easy-care fabric ensures they maintain their pristine appearance, even after numerous wash cycles. These napkins are not only reusable, reducing the environmental impact of disposable alternatives, but are also manufactured with eco-conscious practices, making them a choice that aligns with the values of both Thornton Mills and their clients.

Truly magical: a Christmas table dressed up to impress, courtesy of Vision Linens
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