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Thank Your Cleaner Day: their work deserves praise

The work of cleaners across the UK and around the world is celebrated on 19 October – Thank Your Cleaner Day  –  ­paying tribute to the millions of people working tirelessly to make others feel comfortable and safe in their living and working environments.

Together with its local partners, Kärcher UK is again calling on businesses and  the cleaning industry itself to recognise the hard-working cleaners, pointing out they often work outside office hours and therefore out of sight.

First launched in 2015, Thank Your Cleaner Day is now celebrated in over 50 counties around the world, as companies come together to raise awareness of the amazing work done by cleaners. From clients to office workers who use a contract cleaning company, everyone can get involved by taking time to thank their onsite cleaning staff, so they know their work is recognised and valued.

From leaving them a note, giving them a little gift, or just saying “Thank you,” make sure to take the time to celebrate them and thank them for all that they do. Following the disruption caused by the pandemic in recent years, cleanliness and hygiene is at the forefront for many businesses as they continue to maintain safe working environments.

Much of the work that goes into this has been done behind the scenes by cleaners, who have worked hard to prepare offices and working spaces for staff members day after day. Participating building service providers and associations are working with Kärcher to implement a range of actions to ensure this professional group feels valued and appreciated, alongside taking the time to say thank you and provide greater visibility for the work done by cleaners. There are many ways to get involved and join in the appreciation for cleaning professionals. Information on the measures planned for 19 October 2022 can be obtained at

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