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Tattoos join bonuses for new hotel staff

As staff recruitment incentives go, the latest offered by Ruby Hotels is an eyeopener. New employees who complete six months with the hotel brand can choose to have a tattoo, piercings, fancy and unusual hairstyle change or similar costing up to £500 as a reward.

Munich-based Ruby Hotels, with properties across Europe, including Ruby Lucy Hotel & Bar at London’s South Bank, say job applications have risen by 25 per cent since they launched the incentive – and potential staff seem most keen on opting for a tattoo of their choice.

The group, which pioneered ‘Lean Luxury’, a concept which says ‘No’ to the likes of what they see as expensive extras and instead focuses on top notch showers and wi-fi and high-quality fittings, is telling potential job candidates they are not looking for the perfect CV, whether it’s from a career changer or current hospitality professional.

After six months on the job, the reward is a tattoo, piercing or similar of your choice worth up to 500 EUR/CHF/GBP, a permanent employment contract and a monthly financial allowance for public transport, even if they arrive on site by bike.

As well as Ruby Lucy, launched in 2020, the group is set to open three more properties in London. Ruby Zoe will open in Notting Hill early next year and Ruby Stella is also set to start welcoming guests in Clerkenwell in 2023. Early in 2024 a seven-floor Ruby will open in Blackfriars Road. This will bring their total capacity to 571 hotel rooms in London.

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