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Take a charity tour with your teams

Hospitality Action – our sector’s charity supporting workers facing all kinds of challenges, from physical illness or mental health issues to financial difficulty, family problems, or addiction –  has a special challenge in June to help hospitality people whose lives have gone backwards during the pandemic.

They’re asking us to take part in The Back in Business Tour between Friday, 10 and Monday, 20 June, by virtually circling the globe to raise money. The aim is to cover an epic 50,000 miles with sponsored participants clocking up miles through walks, running, cycling or swims.

As Hospitality Action’s CEO Mark Lewis says: “You virtually circled the UK in 2020, and you even went to #HellandBack last year, raising a combined £250,000 along the way. This year we’re back again. Bigger, brighter and better than ever. It’s time to get the world turning and celebrate the joy hospitality brings to all our lives.”

As hospitality prepares for what will hopefully be a very busy summer he’s also thanking all those helped the charity mobilise the biggest crisis response in its 185-year history. During the pandemic financial assistance was given to over 7,400 beneficiaries with over £2.3m in grants awarded, alongside providing mental health support.

Already this year they have awarded over £300,000 in grants as the financial and crippling mental health impacts of the cost-of-living crisis become a reality for families needing support.

In September last year the first National Hospitality Day celebrated businesses and the people working in them and showed how hospitality makes our communities better. This year it will be held on 16 September.

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