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Vision Linens set for growth

Since 2019 when Vision Linens announced an exciting partnership with US textile giant WestPoint Home, the two businesses have grown together, winning significant contracts and nominations for global hospitality, retail and institutional and government textile customers. Now they will align…

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For the love of linen and housekeepers

Delving into the challenges faced by hotel housekeeping managers, with Vision Linens Housekeeping has always been an integral and important part of the hospitality industry. From ensuring the cleanliness and maintenance of guest rooms to keeping the common areas tidy,…

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Let the pampering begin

The plushest bed and bath linen is a huge lure: it’s about style and touch – but don’t forget that sustainability has a part to play What a summer that was! Now we look forward to what is a very…

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The bedtime story’s happy ending

Luxurious bedding and the ultimate mattresses and pillows provide new chapters in the quest for a great sleep experience. Whether fans of cosy comfort or cool, all our guests desire the perfect night’s sleep, even if they might also have…

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