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It’s Holiday Time!

With Delia Cannings Well, it is for some, but that means more work for housekeeping staff who can only dream of a summer break. The summer is here which means holidays, relaxation, and a bit of overindulgence. It’s the time…

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Training our future professionals

Education and learning – whether through apprenticeships or vocational studies – is vital to ensuring our sector shines If we want young people and those considering a change of career to see housekeeping as a profession with a path to…

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Facing up to a crisis in cleaning

We have a lot on our plates right now, but planning for possible future emergencies is essential to achieve resilience and confidence. As we quickly move through 2023 it seems almost no time has passed since the busy days when…

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Behind the scenes at party time

Just Saying - with Delia Cannings In the run up to Christmas we were looking forward to events with colleagues, friends and family. For many the ‘works do’ had been an especially missed event for the last couple of years.…

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