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Sybron’s journey to net zero

Sybron, a leading UK supplier of cleaning, hygiene and catering products to some of the largest names in hospitality, has been awarded with carbon neutral NCZ silver certification.

This verifies that the company has had an ISO compliant scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions report and has fully balanced all emissions through an ICROA-approved, VCS-certified carbon offset project.

NCZ-certified silver carbon neutral is the latest important accreditation for Sybron, which is a CHSA accredited distributor and a member of the Foodservice Packaging Association. This new recognition ensures all key paper lines conform to the FSCForests For All Forever accreditation.

All waste plastic and cardboard from Sybron’s warehouse is recycled through specialist compactor machines and it purchases key lines in full-truck quantities, saving unnecessary impacts to the environment. Sybron also works with clients who’d like a reduced delivery option, and operates a fixed delivery schedule, reducing its CO2 impact.

Sybron sales and marketing director George Mason says: “Innovation and sustainability go hand-in-hand, as demonstrated through the launch of our own ranges, SyBio and SySoft this year and we have several other projects in the pipeline – from installing solar panels on our warehouse to electric vans and charging points – all of which will enhance our and our customers’ sustainability criteria.” The SyBio range of environmentally friendly products offer improved performance, safer applications and reduced costs, replacing harmful, non-renewable chemicals with adaptive biotechnology that clean, disinfect, augment, remediate and protect a range of environments. Last summer Sybron launched its own-brand SySoft luxury bamboo toilet tissue with plastic-free packaging, having partnered with eco-friendly bamboo specialist UniGreen.

Neutral Carbon Zone CEO Alan Stenson says: “Sybron has followed industry best practice and balanced its currently unavoidable emissions with a fully verifiable and registered carbon offset from an organisational perspective. Officially achieving carbon neutrality as a business is a significant achievement and shows that Sybron is a proactive and sustainably focused business. Coupling this with carbon reduction demonstrates that it is progressing on its ultimate journey to net zero, whilst balancing any unavoidable emissions along the way.”

George Mason concludes: “We are looking closely at our supply chain and ensuring that we partner with businesses which share our beliefs and will work with us to develop an even more sustainable offering while reducing our environmental impact.”

Sybron works with clients who’d like a reduced delivery option
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