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SyBio: maximum green cleaning performance

Sybron, a leading UK supplier of cleaning, hygiene, and catering products to some of the largest names in hospitality, has launched its first own brand with SyBio, a range of biotechnology-based cleaning products.

Partnering with BioVate Hygienics, Sybron has developed a range that replaces harmful, non-renewable chemicals with adaptive biotechnology that cleans, disinfects, and protects. SyBio’s biotechnology-based products combine probiotic, enzyme and plant-based ingredients to maximise performance with minimal environmental impact. They include concentrated cleaners, sanitisers and detergents delivered through wall mounted dispensers for optimal dosage control.

“BioVate Hygienics has pioneered the evolution of biotechnology-based cleaning products and share our passion and forward thinking for sustainable cleaning and development of green cleaning methods,” explains George Mason, sales and marketing director, Sybron. “Our objectives for the range are to deliver environmentally-friendly products that provide safer applications and improved performance along with reduced costs.”

“Our partnership with BioVate Hygienics provides the expertise and innovation that has enabled us to develop an extensive and diverse range to our clients,” continues Mason. “Developing our own range has given us more control to deliver specialist products for every cleaning requirement.

“It also gave us the opportunity to offer a superior cleaning performance that is cost effective and with minimal impact on the environment. All products are highly concentrated formulas, which based on cost in use figures provides a 15-20 per cent saving against other ranges.” SyBio uses plant-based and bio-based surfactants, utilising the latest biotechnology that mixes natural enzymes and bacteria, which has 30 times more ‘actives’ than any other biotechnology-based cleaning range. In addition, using SyBio provides long term protection for surfaces through a residual clean. After use, SyBio leaves a layer of good bacteria that protects surfaces against dirt and pathogens for up to 30 days.

“The more you use SyBio, the cleaner and safer your environments become,” explains Mason. “Using naturally derived ingredients reduces toxicity compared to traditional chemical-based cleaning products. Using science-based biotechnology increases performance and sustainability across your cleaning protocol. SyBio’s concentrated formula brings the cost efficiencies we all need at this time along with a huge reduction in plastic.”

“Our biotechnology products are non-hazardous in their ready to use format, and are UK manufactured in line with Sybron’s core values of moving traditional cleaning forwards to be more effective, safer and sustainable. Our dedicated teams work with customers to offer the best cleaning products specific to their business, including complete installation of dispensers and ongoing support.”

SyBio leaves a layer of good bacteria that protects surfaces against dirt and pathogens for up to 30 days

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