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Sterilising uniforms and guest clothing

A newly-upgraded garment sanitising system for hotels has been released by Renzacci UK, capable of eradicating bacteria and various viruses from hotel workwear, tools and appliances, guest clothing and more. The British-made OzoCAB™ is a garment disinfection cabinet that not only removes odours from items, but fully sterilises them.

The system has also been independently tested and certified by the University of Newcastle’s microbiology laboratory to be effective against harmful bacteria and various viruses. Ozone is already well known within as an effective treatment against odours left in guestrooms, but the OzoCAB™ takes the concentration of ozone to levels which are used for sanitisation in a closed and safe environment. The system uses only clean technology – no chemicals, cleaning fluids or powders.

Renzacci UK’s OzoCAB™ can sterilise 30 garments or appliances within 10 minutes

For less than five pence a cycle, the system can sterilise approximately 30 garments or appliances within 10 minutes, including staff uniforms and guest clothing, with no residues or consumables to purchase. The OzoCAB™ has a large loading capacity, consisting of shelves, hangers and rails, to accommodate all forms of garment type. Its compact size and plug & play functionality enables it to be installed in the smallest of areas, with no complicated setup involved. On top of this, hotels will experience extremely low running costs, no ventilation or ducting required, with only a 13amp plug needed to operate the system.

Exclusive to and designed over eight years ago by Renzacci UK, the OzoCAB™ is the only ozone cabinet system in the UK to hold a valid EuOTA registration certificate, says the company. To comply with EU and UK Biocidal Product Regulations, any operation operating sanitising ozone equipment on-site must have a valid EuOTA registration certificate for their machinery from 2021, and failure to comply with this will render the unit illegal to operate.

Jason Alexander, Renzacci UK managing director, says: “Particularly for hotels, I think that this system could possibly be an invaluable addition to their fight to regain the trust, confidence and repeat business of guests, as well as proving to be a fantastic way of helping to ensure colleague safety and security.”

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