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Staffing and supply chains hitting hotels

Laundries and the hospitality sector they serve are experiencing the ‘perfect storm’ of staffing issues during the staycation boom, with some struggling to keep up with demand for fresh bed and bath linen.

The Financial Times is reporting that some hotel groups are pushing back guest check-in times and limiting linen changes. Kenneth Macpherson, CEO for IHG Europe, the Middle East and Africa explained that it’s a result of the laundry supply chain spanning staffing challenges, distribution and logistics.

The Textile Services Association estimates that some 4,000 of 25,000 employees are ‘missing’ from the commercial laundry industry’s usual staffing levels, and hotels have a similar problem within their own operations. Add in what is now an international driver shortage and it’s easy to see how this pile-up of pinch points developed into a crisis.

Some hotels are limiting linen changes for other than one-night guests
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