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So, what’s next for us all?

Written by Delia Canning

Just saying: with Delia Canning

There’s a lot to learn, and that includes by our politicians those who
manage cleaning and hygiene staff carrying out essential roles.

I hope you have all found time for some sort of enjoyable summer break or perhaps the chance to take a breath and relax during early autumn. It’s well-deserved and very much overdue as for the past 18 months we have endured what for many has been the most dreadful time in our lives, I am sure you will agree.

Hopefully, as the fog clears and the mind rests looking back, we can review what worked, what did not work so well and what we would change given the opportunity. May I ask you to consider what is next as we set about the return to our respective businesses and provide reassurance to our clients, customers. workforce and friends.

Development of the workforce is a fundamental aspect of any business. Lifelong learning, widening participation and succession planning are key features in supporting future success and contributing to a safe environment. Education and training have never been more important than now as we move towards recovery from the pandemic and enter the ‘new normal’ phase.

It is fair to say that the current pandemic situation gave rise to concerns regarding gaps in education and training, particularly in the field of cleaning as a science. The value of correct cleaning applications had been vastly underestimated, as has the knowledge required to make decisions on cleaning products used.

During the pandemic it became clear that some people did not understand the functions of both cleaning and disinfection

A fundamental gap became apparent regarding the lack of knowledge associated with cleaning and disinfecting, the function of each were not widely known and as such decisions were made based on fear. To this end the support of the recently formed APPG led by the British Cleaning Council will provide the perfect platform to ensure education and training for cleaning operatives is recognised, valued, available and is seen as critical . The aim of the APPG is to support the critical and essential worker recognition for a significant number of cleaning and hygiene industry staff, particularly as they have played an essential role in the fight against Covid.

The opportunity to have a voice in parliament is now real with over 50 ministers pledging support. Topics such as Brexit ramifications and impacts, the points system for overseas workers and the debate on unskilled labour forces and the need for funded education is about to kick off with real passion igniting it . If you have not yet pledged support of the endeavours of the BCC, please consider doing so now. Take a look at the BCC website.

Unity is strength, my friends. Together we can make a difference, let us hold each other up, be counted and strive for the recognition which is long overdue for our cleaning workforce’s housekeepers and accommodation services!

There are plenty of questions to be answered as we consider gaps in education and training
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