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Sky-high hotel dreams: but what about the linen?

A dream job for some – a nightmare for others. How would you feel about being a housekeeper on a giant nuclear-powered flying hotel which remains airborne for months on end?

It’s the vision of science engineer and social media influencer Hashem Al-Ghaili, who’s created a storm on YouTube and elsewhere with his Sky Cruise, piloted by artificial intelligence and only docking now and again to take on new passengers or drop off guests and staff. You can see the possible future at Nuclear-Powered Sky Hotel – YouTube.

Al-Ghaili has created a CGI video after being inspired by an old drawing by art director Tony Holmsten. The flying hotel concept might not have human pilots but would require plenty of staff to look after guests… unless that’s all going to be done by robots. Al-Ghaili’s ‘promo video’ on YouTube imagines the hotel could carry 5,000 people and include plush guestrooms, restaurants, a huge shopping mall, pool, theatre, and gym.

Many science fans – and some experts – believe his dream will never take off, starting with how the weighty hotel gets off the ground. And then there are concerns over a hotel powered by a nuclear reactor possibly crashing into a city below. While the engineers map out the maths and potentials of all this, we’re left wondering about linen supplies and if he’s included room for a laundry.

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