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Scottish hotels seek answers

Scotland’s hotels and restaurants are seeking more guidance and clarity from the Scottish Government as they face the Christmas, New Year and beyond in a period of critical importance to protecting the hospitality industry’s financial stability.

Around 100 have backed an urgent call for more info on future proposed tiers, cross-border and regional travel, restrictions on alcohol sales, the size and controls on social ‘bubbles’ and what plans, if any, there are for another lockdown in January.

The campaign is being coordinated from Glenapp Castle in Ayrshire, which appeared in this year’s Sunday Times list of Best Places to Stay. The hotel’s managing director Jill Chalmers has written to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, stating that a ‘Reassurance Plan’ is needed, and warning that a sector already suffering closures and redundancies understands the wider picture of public health concerns but needs much more clarity to survive. Supporting the letter are hoteliers, owners, directors and general managers of leading hotels and restaurants across Scotland. They include Prestonfield House Hotel & The Witchery, Kincraig Castle Hotel, Airds Hotel, SCHLOSS Roxburghe Hotel & Golf Course, Strathaven Hotel, Loch Rannoch Estate, Cringletie Estate, Bespoke Hotels, NOVOTEL Glasgow, Dornoch Castle Hotel, The Hotel Management Company, Dakota Hotels, Queensferry Hotels, Crerar Hotels and many more.

The Glennapp Castle at Ballantrae, Ayrshire Photo: Tom Parnell,
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