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Saving time and money in our laundries

There’s been a machinery revolution in recent times, with a focus on energy costs, sustainability and making life easier for staff

There can be huge benefits for hotels and B&Bs having their own on-premise laundry, even if it’s only a small one serving guests’ and staff needs while most linen goes out to a commercial laundry, whether owned or rented by the hotel.

You need to get that balance right to make the most of an in-house laundry, with the correct equipment, energy costs, staffing and quality of results to be taken into account. For those who do tick all the boxes, their laundry is a valuable asset, so we’ve taken a look at on-premise laundries with some experts.

As Mary Simons of supplier AGS says: “A good in-house laundry will have a room with space and equipment that will cope with the laundry needs of the property. All laundries in hotels are worked hard, so machinery needs to work at its optimum – constantly. “All sites are different and therefore at AGS we work with laundry managers, understanding what will be laundered on site and exactly what they need to achieve which enables us to achieve exactly what is required.”

AGS have supplied the Citadines Holborn-Covent Garden apart-hotel with Electrolux WH6-6 washers TD6-6 dryers

The aim is to have maximum control over hygiene, using machinery that will work day and night, if necessary, using the minimum amount of electric, gas and water. Detergents need to be preferably ‘green’, while offering good perfumes and removing stains efficiently. Some hotels offer on-site launderettes where guests can do their own laundry, and this adds to the hotels profits. AGS have been involved in such operations for many years and options include coin/ token operated and now a cashless payment system making life easier, just a tap and the washing starts.

Simons explains: “By having the cashless payment system you are removing the risk of damage or theft of coin boxes. This not only saves time on administration – no collecting coins, banking or replacing tokens. It also means less machine downtime and no coin jams. Operators can monitor the machines remotely with an online dashboard.”

AGS supply only Electrolux equipment which covers not only coin/token op machinery but also huge washers and dryers and associated finishing equipment used in hotel laundries. They also offer a detergent dosing system ensuring the correct amount of AGS ‘green’ detergents are constantly supplied whatever the load requires.

Girbau’s Genius washers can lower hotel laundry operating costs and improve sustainability

Girbau UK works with many leading hoteliers including Hilton Hotels Group, St Martins Lane Hotel, Landmark London Hotel, Apex Hotels, Sanderson Hotels and hundreds of independent operators nationwide.

Their new GS7 Genius washers feature energy-saving innovations that lower hotel laundry operating costs and improve sustainability. Internet-enabled Genius washers have a robust chassis design, high levels of water extraction and a 10-inch colour user interface. Six models are available with capacities from 9 to 32kg.

Genius washers also reduce energy consumption by up to 15 per cent. Girbau’s tests on the Genius GS7018 found that it used 2.5 kWh for a full 18kg load cycle, compared to 3.5kWh for a comparable washer from a leading competitor.

“With each kWh costing around 30p, the savings soon mount up,” says Peter Rankin, managing director of Girbau UK. “With eight cycles a day for a year, that’s a saving of around £900.” With sustained high spin speeds and a 450G extraction force, Genius washers also reduce drying time by at least 10 per cent and drying energy consumption by up to 30 per cent.

You can manage the laundry remotely in real time from any device with Girbau’s Genius system

The washer’s Care Plus Drum extends linen life and increases productivity by decreasing tangling. An optional integral weighing system measures everyload and adjusts programmes to optimise cycle time, lower water and chemical usage and improve laundry productivity. Genius washers come with Girbau’s Sapphire cloud-based management system. You can manage the laundry, compile production reports and analyse data remotely in real time from any device. For the highest standards of hygiene and total peace of mind, Sapphire can also be used to configure washers to operate and record the use of thermal disinfection programs.

The software also has a smart-alerts system that sends a text or email when there is any irregularity in how machines are working. Problems are solved quickly and effectively, while providing information and data to inform future operational decisions.

Girbau laundry support services include site surveys for refurbishment projects, laundry design and production of full M&E CAD drawings. Girbau can also advise on machine choice, disinfection, safe handling and operating procedures.

Renzacci UK believe Electrolux’s latest Lagoon washers are game changers for on-premise laundries

Renzacci UK recently installed a wide range of state-of-the-art machines at the luxurious Peninsula London hotel, including Electrolux’s latest Lagoon washers and dryers and Pony finishing equipment. They say the hotel is thrilled to have a reliable eco-friendly and energy-efficient solution, being able to reduce energy consumption and waste, whilst providing outstanding cleaning results.

Renzacci UK offers state-of-the-art wet cleaning machines. These include the latest Electrolux Lagoon Advanced Care, which Renzacci UK considers to be a game changer for businesses, being environmentally-friendly, gentle on delicate fabrics and matches drycleaning productivity.

Lagoon Advanced Care offers innovative features focused on sustainability, such as monitoring the load in real-time, so users can avoid overloading and underloading, for reduced energy consumption and optimised productivity. The Intelligent Dosing feature reduces waste as the precise amount of detergent is added automatically according to the weight of the load to achieve the best results.

Another feature is Automatic Savings which weighs the linens and adjusts water intake to the actual load, saving water, energy and money for partial loads.

A biodegradable detergent achieves outstanding cleaning results, removing water-based stains and odours, which account for 90 per cent of normal stains on clothing. New care technology helps clothes last longer, reducing their impact on the environment, while the Pure Rinse feature saves water by removing detergent residue that can irritate the skin, leaving cleaner results than extra rinse options, but without using extra water.

With the precise LuxCare Dry System, hotels can save time and energy, as a sensor detects humidity levels to prevent over drying. Another stand out feature is the Instant Fresh cycle which revives fabrics without washing, saving water and energy. It removes wrinkles and refreshes items in 10 minutes, without having to do a full wash.

MAG Laundry Equipment’s range caters for all sizes of hotels

MAG Laundry Equipment supplies high quality machines designed to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption by using the latest technology. They say some hotel clients have been able to reduce their energy bills by up to 60 per cent, and that alongside the financial savings has been the benefit of positioning the hotel as a trailblazer in sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

From compact 8kg capacities to industrial 150kg options, MAG Laundry Equipment’s machine range caters for the needs of small, medium and large hotels, care homes and other businesses where an on-premise laundry can make a big difference.

Seamless installation services are offered across the entire UK, as well as flexible financing options. Recognising different budgets, MAG Laundry Equipment offers lease and rental payment plans, allowing you to choose between outright purchase and convenient monthly options. MAG’s laundry detergents not only enhance the freshness and softness of linen but can also extend the lifespan of fabrics.

The Electrolux Professional Line 6000 flatwork ironer

Electrolux Professional’s Line 6000 range of high-spin commercial washers benefits from a host of energy-saving features to reduce running costs by up to 40 per cent and can be partnered with a heat pump dryer for maximum savings. Harnessing a new inverter-driven compressor and electronic valve, the Line 6000 heat pump dryer reduces temperature fluctuations and enhances control. Ultimately, this results in cycle times which are much closer to vented dryers but with a fraction of the energy consumption – allowing up to 65 per cent energy saving in the drying process.

While energy-saving measures have been high on the agenda, given the manual nature of running an OPL, so too has ease of use; especially when it comes to commercial ironers. Electrolux Professional’s range of Line 6000 flatwork ironers now includes a new Feed Alone optional function, complete with a standby button at each end of the ironer to stop the feeding table and activate the vacuum table, allowing just one operator to load the ironer instead of two

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