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Saving the day as you clean

When we talk about savings, that includes environmental issues, energy usage and the time taken to complete our duties

Executive housekeepers and hotel managers need cleaning products which allow them to reduce energy consumption, while ensuring the vital emphasis on sustainability alongside cost savings does not come at the expense of product performance. It’s a balancing act which has to work, and something which specialists like Delphis Eco, founded over a decade ago to deliver professional powerful cleaning products that are plant-based, non-toxic and kind to the environment, are determined to deliver on.

The Delphis dosing station helps housekeeping teams use an accurate dose of all products

Their Bio Washroom Cleaner, for instance, combines biodegradable surfactants, water softeners, fresh fragrance and microbial technology to leave bathroom surfaces sparkling clean. The product contains naturally occurring microbes that penetrate hard-to-reach areas and porous surfaces, to digest hidden organic matter and uric salts. It’s effective for cleaning, refreshing, and deodorising, by destroying the source of the bad smells.

The Delphis Foaming De-scaler spray can remove heavy limescale and stains where germs and bacteria breed on toilets, taps, sinks and showers. It is safe to use on all bathroom surfaces, including chrome, porcelain, enamel and stainless steel. A viscous clinging formula has a penetrating foaming action that acts fast to dissolve limescale.

To ensure hard surfaces are left clean and shiny they recommend Delphis Multi-Purpose Cleaner as an all-in-one cleaner which is tough on grease, dirt and stubborn marks. Their dual action Scented Air Neutraliser does more than just mask smells. It has been specially formulated to rapidly eliminate offensive odours at source and replace them with a pleasant fragrance. The Delphis Anti-bacterial Sanitiser has a QUAT-based formulation and is a highly effective antiseptic and disinfectant used in many biocidal applications. It has strong bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal activity against all enveloped viruses.

The sanitiser, multi-purpose cleaner and bio washroom cleaner are all available with dosing systems to ensure housekeeping teams use an accurate dose of all products. Alongside the five-litre formats, Delphis Eco also offers a ready-to-use 700ml bottle for housekeepers which can be re-filled from dosing systems or pump refills.

Furthermore, all Delphis packaging is made from recycled plastic, labels for bottles are biodegradable and printed with vegetable ink, and boxes are made from recycled cardboard (even the liner is recycled). Delphis Eco was the first UK manufacturer to achieve EU Ecolabel accreditation, says the company.

The Evolution X2 system from Cleenol is an easy to use, lightweight system which instantly mixes the long-established company’s Evolution Super Concentrates on the go without the need to measure and dilute through traditional systems. The system uses patented dilution technology, so each pull of the trigger delivers the correct ratio of concentrate to water every time. There are no dials to turn, no button presses and no measuring jugs to operate. Users simply load the cartridge, lock it in and they’re ready to go.

The cartridges come in at 325ml, making the whole system weigh less than a standard 750ml ready to use equivalent. Each cartridge of concentrate produces the equivalent of more than 12 standard 750ml ready to use trigger sprays. This is where savings in cost and time are really noticeable.

All Cleenol bottles and packaging are fully recyclable and, where possible, reusable. Designed to provide comfort and reduce the risk of repetitive strain when in use, the trigger is made from a high quality, durable plastic and has been extensively tested to ensure the spray head lasts significantly longer than a standard spray trigger.

Specially designed seals on the concentrate cartridge prevent human contact and accidental spillages. As an additional measure, the Evolution X2 system will only operate when a water and concentrate cartridge are loaded, making it even safer when switching or replacing the product.

P&G say hundreds of pounds a year can be saved by using products which cut energy consumption

In the case of hospitality, energy usage usually accounts for somewhere between three and six per cent of a hotel’s operating costs but contributes to 60 per cent of its CO2 emissions. There are several ways to reduce energy consumption, including switching to colder laundry settings, say P&G Professional.

Ariel Professional is formulated to provide outstanding clean even at colder temperatures, meaning housekeeping teams can save energy and in turn save money on bills, while still achieving a spotless clean. In fact, making a simple change such as switching to cold can save up to 40 per cent on washing machine bills. As Ariel Professional Pods provide a superior clean even at 30oc, you could save up to £120 a year on your energy bills.

When choosing products to reduce spending and environmental impact, there is no need to compromise on results, say P&G Professional, pointing out that high quality products can ensure staff get the job done right the first time and focus on creating a guest experience which will keep customers coming back.

Lenor Professional, which has newly launched four new classic fragrances is a small detail which accumulates to give guests a memorable stay. The new range provides mild clean floral scents for longer lasting freshness, providing a 5-star guest experience for less than 4p per wash. This helps to save establishments money without compromising on results and guest experience.

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