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Rubbermaid highlight food waste impact

As part of Food Waste Action Week (6-12 March), Rubbermaid Commercial Products are shining a light on the global issue of food waste by communicating the WRAP initiatives.

With studies showing as much as a third of the world’s food is wasted, and with the impacts of climate change, the problem of food waste needs to be tackled. 

The global hospitality industry alone is thought to incur costs of $100 billion every year from food waste, and with tougher legislation coming in and costs rising across the board, it’s not just the pressure of climate change that’s piling on.

While reducing the amount of food wasted is a must, introducing a food waste stream into your recycling set-up can save  money as well as improve your green credentials.

With guests now scrutinising everything from cleanliness to sustainability credentials, it’s vital that hospitality venues can balance the pressures of meeting expectations, with protecting their employees and their bottom line. For tips and insights to control the cleaning, hand hygiene, and waste and recycling challenges you face every day in your venue, visit Blog | Rubbermaid Commercial Products

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