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Richard Haworth scrubs up for the NHS

During the Covid-19 crisis linen supplier Richard Haworth has turned its hand to producing medical scrubs for the NHS, a new skill that company staff quickly mastered.

Richard Haworth’s marketing manager David Stockton said: “It’s been a crazy few weeks. We have been badly affected like all in the hospitality industry because of Covid-19, with one of the largest remaining manufacturing facilities in the UK, we haven’t been producing our normal amount of work due to lack of demand.

“However, we have made sure to keep our highly skilled workforce busy and are proud to say we’ve been able to help the NHS in recent weeks by producing medical scrubs for our wonderful health workers.

“With some Personal Protection Equipment in short supply due to this unprecedented crisis, we have been delighted to do our bit for our Health Service assist and are on hand to help in any way we can.

“While producing garments is not our normal work, our team very quickly got to grasp producing the scrubs in a variety of sizes and colours and the items have been sent to various hospitals around the country. We will continue to do our bit whilst maintaining safe working conditions and hope everyone stays safe and we all get back to normal as soon as possible.”

At the same time, Stockton said: “Given the current unprecedented international health crisis, we wanted to keep you updated with the latest situation at Richard Haworth. Like everyone, we have been busily gathering as much information as possible about the impact of Covid-19.

“We had spent considerable time planning for the disruption, working with our supply chain to ensure as little disruption as possible. As things stand, we are operating a full service, with customer service, warehousing and deliveries all continuing to be fully operational.”

Well done and thanks to the team at Richard Haworth. Brilliant work!

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