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the hotel room complaints

Revealed: The hotel cleanliness issues that frustrate Brits the most


The findings of a survey by end-oftenancy- of 1,448 Brits identify the cleanliness issues they would most likely complain about should they encounter any in their hotel room.

End of Tenancy London found that the majority of Brits feel inclined to complain if they can clearly spot stains on the bed (e.g. linen, mattress etc.) and towels (81 per cent) of their hotel room. Thereafter, extensive mould in the bathroom would be a cause of concern for 78 per cent of travelers. 70 per cent would complain if they found the cupboards/drawers in their hotel room to be overly dirty/stained.

62 per cent will have a grievance with the hotel if their room bathroom showerhead, toilet and/or tap is infested in limescale.

Opposingly, Brits would be least worried about making an issue of dirty/stained curtains (25 per cent) in their hotel room. Slightly above, only 29 per cent state they will make a complaint if the carpet in their room is very dirty and/or stained.

Additionally, End of Tenancy London also sought to find out what Brits think is the most reasonable compensation hotels can offer when complaining about any serious cleanliness issues.

They discovered that Brits believe a complimentary meal (29 per cent – at the hotel restaurant or at a selected external restaurant) is the most appropriate goodwill gesture a hotel can provide to guests for receiving a valid complaint about room cleanliness.

The survey also revealed that 56 per cent of Brits would leave a negative testimonial of a hotel on social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc.) if their complaint about room cleanliness was not taken seriously and/or resolved. 48 per cent would intend to post a negative review of a hotel on a hospitality focused website (e.g. TripAdvisor, Yelp etc.).

Ivan Ivanov, managing director of End of Tenancy Cleaning London commented: “The takeaway for hotels is that they should make every effort to thoroughly clean all their rooms on a regular schedule and provide their housekeeping services the appropriate training as well as equipment to do so.”


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