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Regenex marks out seasonal greetings

Linen stain removal specialists Regenex have celebrated their busiest ever week thanks to festive hospitality. Hotels and hospitality companies all over the UK and Ireland are heading for a bright, white Christmas – as far as their newly spotless linens are concerned!  

Regenex has been busy removing food marks, rust, fake tan and other blemishes from bedding, towels and tableware ready for festive dinners and happy holidays. The team in Bradford, West Yorkshire, had their busiest first week of December ever in their four years of operations, equipping laundries serving the hospitality sector with fresh linen. 

David Midgley, left, and Paul Hamilton, right, of Bradford-based stain removal specialist Regenex

Numbers in the first week of December included 3,300 tablecloths, 21,000 pillowcases, 2,856 double duvets, 400 bath sheets and almost 7,000 napkins – over 10 tonnes of material all together – and processes are still under way.  

This is fantastic news for the environment, as marked items like these used to be sent to rag or landfill. It follows the launch of the Textile Services Association’s Sustainability Pact – and shows that the sector is already getting on board with carbon-cutting and resource-saving measures. 

Technical director at Regenex, Paul Hamilton, says: “We’ve never handled as much linen before, at any one time, and we’re now on our last push to get stock back to our customers in time for the Christmas rush. We have linen going out to the west coast, south of England, Wales and Ireland. 

“We’re delighted that more and more laundries are turning to us as they develop thriftier habits with their linen, saving them money as well as doing the right thing for the planet.”  The award-winning start-up has patented a gentle, multi bath system to open fibres and lift stains, extending the life cycle of good linen that might otherwise be condemned due to blemishes.

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