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RCP steps up recycling drive

Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) has issued a manifesto extending the scope of its award-winning Love Recycling initiative to support businesses wanting to improve recycling and waste management practices.

The manifesto is a call to action for businesses to be leaders on sustainability issues and builds on findings from Love Recycling research studies in 2020, with over 1,000 businesses involved. The initial study explored the state of commercial recycling for European businesses. The second took a much-needed reading of how businesses were coping with the additional pandemic stresses on recycling and waste activities.

Love Recycling identified that businesses want to do more with their recycling and waste programmes but lack information, education and guidance on effective processes and products. On average, more than two-thirds indicated that their recycling efforts are not always successful.

To help businesses improve their recycling, RCP have included several pledges in the manifesto:

  • Create free resources that examine prevalent ecological issues and the role that facilities and commercial recycling plays in mitigating environmental harm.
  • Help business take control of their recycling and waste management through durable, quality solutions that protect the environment efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Identify and acknowledge the best that commercial recycling has to offer. The individuals that lead the way and the innovative products that improve results.
  • Establish an ongoing conversation with businesses to discusses the challenges of commercial recycling as well as solutions and best practices that facilitate businesses being recycling leaders.

Paul Jakeway, head of marketing – EMEA at RCP said: “Businesses want more support, and we will continue to provide it. With this manifesto, we are stepping up our Love Recycling commitment to help businesses become recycling heroes. RCP’s commitment to high quality durable products makes us the ideal commercial recycling partner. Working together, we can solve the challenges that facilities face so that businesses can be leaders on sustainability issues.”

As businesses reopen during 2021 there is an opportunity to re-engage with waste and recycling efforts. With consumers increasingly looking for sustainable brands, transparently leading the way on recycling and waste management gives businesses a competitive edge, allowing them to take a leadership position on one of the most important issues of our time.

 To view the manifesto, along with previous research findings, go to Love Recycling. There you can download reports, take a recycling audit and subscribe to the Love Recycling newsletter.

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