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Prince Charles praises British hospitality

The Prince of Wales has praised the British hospitality industry and those who work within it during the Master Innholders’ first online event, Battered, Not Beaten.

The appearance of the heir to the throne in a message of support was a surprise for many of those who had joined the session as he explained how he marvelled at the industry’s resourcefulness and resilience during the pandemic lockdowns.

“We need you all badly,” he told hoteliers, restaurants and pubs waiting to welcome guests when
the Covid-19 crisis passes. “The last 12 months may well have battered us all, but this time will pass, and when it does, we know exactly to whom we should turn to help us celebrate.”

Prince Charles described the hospitality industry as one of the country’s greatest success stories, noting that it was our country’s third largest employer while providing billions in taxing while pulling in expenditure by tourists.

“Over the past months of the pandemic, we have all come to appreciate the invaluable service provided by your profession – whether it is hosting celebrations, family meals or gatherings of friends, or welcoming in the weary traveller or the wide-eyed tourist, the job you all do is essential to the enjoyment of life.”

Chairman of the Master Innholders, David Morgan-Hewitt FIH MI, said: “We were thrilled to have The Prince of Wales open the first event in our brand-new educational programme, ‘Hoteliers – Battered But Not Beaten’ with such an inspiring message.

“The last 12 months have been catastrophic for our industry and while we have all been battered by the physical and mental challenges of the pandemic, I truly believe that the drive, passion and resilience of the hospitality professionals working across the UK will see our industry come back stronger than ever.” See and you can watch the Prince of Wales’s message at

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