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Pillow talk and so much more

As UK hotels welcome holiday-starved customers they need to show guests what they have been missing and provide them with a wonderful and safe stay.

It might not always seem that way, but most guests will be understanding if there are one or two ‘glitches’ right now, courtesy of the dreaded pandemic as we strive to provide them with the perfect stay. Of course, a good night’s rest is the best medicine of all as they want to sleep safely and soundly.

Richard Haworth’s range of Sleep Guard products are designed to protect bedding from germs and damage yet also providing a great night’s sleep.

The Jersey mattress protector from
Richard Haworth has three layers of
polyurethane for ultimate protection

The Jersey mattress protector has three layers of polyurethane for ultimate protection against bacteria, dust mites and microbes and can be washed up to 90 degrees. The mattress protector features a cotton jersey skirt that holds the protector in place It is also available in a fully enclosed mattress option providing maximum protection and a pillow protector to keep pillows fresh and damage-free. Their pillow range also includes synthetic and natural versions, in soft to firm to suit every sleep style. Micro down pillows are designed to provide a luxury goose down feel, yet are synthetic and hypoallergenic. Selecting good quality, durable duvets is also important for hotels of any size, as poor-quality bedding will truly impact the stay of any guest. Richard Haworth managing director Raj Ruia says: “Choosing the best duvets to suit that particular establishment means taking time to consider the pros and cons of synthetic or natural duvets, including all the cost implications and factoring in any issues that could be caused if guests suffer some allergies.”

Synthetic, microfibre duvets are often the most practical option, particularly if guests have allergies. While natural duvets, such as Richard Haworth’s duck feather and down version, allow skin to breathe more easily and have been hygienically treated containing a blend of small fine duck feathers and fluffy duck down designed to keep the body temperature regulated during sleep, so is suitable for both cold winter and warm summer nights.

Many sanitation experts are now recommending pillow protectors and mattress encasements with virus blocking and antimicrobial properties.

CleanRest PRO and CleanRest PRO Max encasements, were the first to pass the Centers for Disease Control’s Level 4 standards for personal protective equipment as viruses and bacteria cannot pass through the waterproof fabric to contaminate the mattress.

Cleanrest say pillows are the greatest concern for contamination since the sleeper’s mouth is resting nearby. A sneeze, cough, or saliva can easily reach the pillow, demonstrating the importance of protection.

The new CleanRest PRO Max Antimicrobial Pillow Protector is infused with silver to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria on contact while remaining 99.5 per cent effective after 50 washes. The silver infusion guarantees a fresh pillow every night.

The PRO Max Antimicrobial Pillow Protector also solves design flaws found in some pillow protectors. Waterproof fabric trap airs, which changes the feeling of the pillow because the protector will ‘bubble’ with air. Cleanrest designed a hidden side vent to solve the ‘bubble’ problem. The vent allows warmed air to escape so the pillow remains cool while retaining its comfy shape.

Vision Linen’s V Interblend pillow has a 100 per cent cotton cambric 233 thread count cover and antimicrobial technology

During the height of the pandemic, Vision Linens launched their More Than Clean linen. This has effective and long-lasting, innovative antimicrobial technology, which is added to pillows and duvets during manufacture. It is proven to help protect against the spread of coronavirus, killing 80 per cent more than untreated textiles. In addition, the technology has a 99.99 per cent efficacy against harmful pathogens including E-coli and MRSA. Vision Linens had previously been selling this technology into the retail world.

Back in 2014 they launched their antimicrobial bedding range to John Lewis & Partners under its licensed name, Micro-Fresh®. Since then, this has continued to prove a successful supply agreement, with consumers choosing the antimicrobial product for their own domestic bedding. Other known benefits include its ability to eliminate odours, leaving linens smelling fresher for longer, it works at low temperature washing, and is proven to be kind to skin. It’s no wonder consumers continue to choose these products time and time again from one of Britain’s most trusted retailers. Since the launch of antimicrobial treated bedding into retail, Vision Linens has trialled and tested the technology for the commercial environment and it’s been shown to last for more than 50 washes, along with ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation, Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified (Classes I, II, III, IV), Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) approval and independently tested by SGS, Aston University and the University of Leicester.

Marriott is just one hotel brand that saw the value in antimicrobial treated bedding, selecting in 2017 to put the V Interblend Pillow on their beds. This signature pillow has a 100 per cent cotton cambric 233 thread count cover, 90 per cent white duck down and 10 per cent special down interblend fill, finished with a twin needle stitch with piped edges and with antimicrobial technology. Having since launched its More Than Clean antimicrobial bedding products to the wider hospitality market, and realising the full impact of the pandemic, Vision Linens decided to switch all of its filled bed linen production, where possible, to include the antimicrobial treatment.

There has never been a more important time to ensure that bedding is replaced if it has come to the end of its lifespan or has become marked or stained, says Lyndsey John of Star Linen: “With customers’ heightened awareness of cleanliness they will want to know their basic needs have been met before their holiday or visit begins.” John recommends hoteliers highlight their commitment right through the process from booking to post stay and that sharing news of new introductions, such as Star Linen’s Clarence range can help to do just that.

Star Linen’s Clarence super soft topper has a fitted skirt which adds extra protection to your mattress

The mattress topper available in two weights, 600gsm and 1000gsm, gives customers choice dependent on budget and comfort level required. The outer cover is made of super soft and smooth to touch microfibre. It comes with a fitted skirt which adds extra protection to your mattress and provides a great combination product. The hypoallergenic duvet is an alternative to feather and down with a soft cotton cover. The look can be completed with Clarence firm and soft silky spiral pillows. Guests have responded so well to these that Star Linen have added them to their retail range so customers can recreate the hotel bed feel in their own homes.

Designed with the housekeeper in mind, Hypnos Contract Bed’s Beaumont pillow top mattress offers a practical, time-saving solution without compromising on comfort. Requiring only seasonal rotation rather than turning, the sustainable wool and silk mattress reduces maintenance as well as being 20 per cent lighter than Hypnos’s other quality, hardwearing hotel mattresses, making it easier to turn and move. Filled with breathable and sustainable wool and silk, the mattress offers a sumptuous sleeping surface whilst regulating body temperature, no matter the season. And with sustainability becoming high on the agenda of guests, Hypnos’ award-winning mattresses and beds, used in over 800 UK hotels, also satisfy the needs of the eco-conscious customer.

Hypnos are the world’s first carbon neutral bed maker:
shown here is their zip and link Beaumont design

The world’s first carbon neutral bed maker, Hypnos uses only high quality, sustainable materials as well as producing beds which are 100 per cent recyclable and is committed to ensuring more and more of the materials used are not only ethically produced, but traceable. The company has achieved both ‘The Planet Mark – Carbon Neutral Certification’ as well as Global Recycled Standard for using recycled materials from socially and environmentally responsible processes. Hypnos has recycled over 235,000,000 plastic bottles inside some of its mattresses.

Sherry Textiles understand visitors want to feel the comfort regardless of any other concerns stemming from the pandemic. Their duvets and pillows are filled with a blend of 85 per cent goose feather and 15 per cent goose down. The 900gsm pillow is silky soft, durable, and breathable with its 100 per cent cotton outer casing finished with a piped corded edge for a luxurious finish. The feathers offer abundant support whilst the down provides an almost ‘cloud like’ feel.

Sherry Textiles’ 10.5 tog duvet features box stitched pockets to ensure even distribution of filling that can’t migrate, providing warmth and comfort. Close to 100 years of ‘fine-tuning’ the perfect sleep formula with hospitality experts has gone into Sleepeezee’s mission to ensure their luxury hotel mattresses provide guests with the ultimate quality and quantity of sleep. Every product is made at their Kent factory, where more than 300 expert craftspeople build bespoke beds. Looking to bring hotel rooms up to the exacting standards of today’s travellers?

Sleepeezee offer their Hotel Classic 1000 with a woven damask cover and hand-woven tufted finish to offer the perfect balance of comfort and durability. Featuring 1,000 pocket springs that adjust to body shape, its luxurious natural fillings such as wool and cotton provide breathability and temperature regulation. The double-sided mattress will last longer and, when regularly turned, offers utmost comfort to guests for years to come. All Sleepeezee mattresses come with a five-year guarantee as standard.

Sleepeezee’s Hotel Classic 1000 mattress has 1,000 pocket springs that adjust to body shape and luxurious natural fillings

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