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Do you want to target major decision-makers in the UK housekeeping industry including hotels, care homes, hospitals and guesthouses?

We are committed to opening up your opportunities with our range of targeted options. Options available include: advertorial or display adverts from £100 plus vat. Putting your individual message in front of our readers. Our media is online and via our website with strategic links to our very active social media channels.

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Feature list 2024

January / February

  • In focus: Housekeeper Spotlight
  • OPLs: Energy and time-saving equipment for hotel in-house laundries
  • Six of the Best: Leading housekeepers share the best moments with their teams
  • In room products: The little touches and extras that guests truly appreciate
  • You wear it well: Ethical and sustainable workwear which will stay looking fresh and smart over
  • time
  • Bed and bath linen: Discerning guests will feel the difference with the latest luxury choices

March / April

  • In focus: Housekeeper Spotlight
  • Six of the Best: Leading housekeepers talk about training
  • Training, learning and apprenticeships: from trainee housekeeper to senior management
  • Comfort counts: Time for beds as we look at the latest choices, including those beds which have a truly sustainable route to that good night’s sleep
  • Eco-friendly linen control: Taking stock of your linen store

May / June

  • In focus: Housekeeper Spotlight
  • Shining stars: We highlight the cleaning products making light work of housekeeping tasks, from bathrooms and guestrooms through to public areas
  • Trolleys and carts: Ergonomics, storage space and stylish design come under scrutiny
  • Six of the Best: Leading housekeepers tell us about the products or services they could not do without
  • Job insight: The work of the concierge and porter

July / August

  • In focus: Housekeeper Spotlight
  • Six of the Best: Leading housekeepers discuss the housekeeping role in making sure family breaks are memorable successes
  • In room products: Update of latest products
  • Mattresses and pillows: the hidden beauties under immaculate bed linen which play a huge part in ensuring guests enjoy a good night’s sleep, particularly those with features which make the housekeeping team’s life easier

September / October

  • In focus: Housekeeper Spotlight
  • Six of the Best: Leading housekeepers talk about sutainability
  • Cleaning products: Our focus is on environmentally-friendly cleaning products, from the manufacturing process through packaging and recycling opportunities to their contents and efficacy in getting the job done
  • Bed and bath linen update on sustainable initatives

November / December

  • Christmas special: Add on services which make the difference
  • Housekeeping and laundry life on cruise liners
  • How outsourcing housekeeping needs can solve staffing dilemmas
  • Table linen: Luxurious looks which stand the test of time
  • Review of the Year
  • Deep cleaning: Expert advice on this essential process

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