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Office staff spreading bathroom germs 

With the global pandemic just behind us, hand washing should be at the forefront of our minds after every bathroom use, after touching something dirty and before and after preparing food or eating. But unfortunately, this is not the case for all Brits.  

London commercial cleaning company Cleanology asked office workers across the UK about their handwashing habits. The study, which aimed to shed light on hygiene practices in the workplace, revealed some shocking revelations about how often office workers wash their hands  – and the results for touchpoints our cleaners then deal with. 

A staggering 13 per cent of British office workers admit they ‘only’ wash their hands after answering nature’s call. With an additional 3% of Brits confessing to ‘hardly ever’ washing their hands, asserting they ‘don’t need to’. 

While these percentages may seem small when extrapolated to the 32.8 million people across the UK in employment, it unveils a concerning reality – that’s over 984,000 dirty Brits contaminating our shared workspaces with their bathroom germs. 

Washing hands between six and 10 times a day can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping bacteria and viruses at bay. According to Cleanology’s survey, 39 per cent of UK office workers only wash their hands between three to five times a day. 

Germs are spread so easily in the office, whether it be through door handles, desk spaces, chairs or even cutlery, so ensuring spaces are cleaned and sanitised is more important than ever. 

And hot desking is here to stay. With more than half of British office workers taking part in hotdesking when visiting the office, this adds another reason as to why sanitisation is key. Nobody wants to use a mucky mouse after someone in the muckiest three per cent has spent the previous day clicking and contaminating the work space. 

Research indicates that the primary contributors to inadequate handwashing are individuals aged 45-54, with office workers in the 35-44 age range closely following. The survey revealed that real estate and property industry staff are the top contenders for inadequate handwashing, while even the tech-savvy computer software industry revealed that around a quarter of its workforce inadequately wash their hands. 

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