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Metalprogetti UK’s museum install

A new system to store and manage visitor coats has been installed at The Natural History Museum in London by Metalprogetti UK.

As the Grade 1 listed building is one of the outstanding Victorian museums of the 19th century the installation required great respect, care, and precision. At the same time, it needed to be quick and simple to operate and be capable of storing a high volume of garments for future functions and conferences.

The installation took place over three days, with two separate systems linked by one central motor, so that loading and unloading is very efficient. Using a tag system, a coat is handed in, assigned a barcoded hanger, and placed on the conveyor. Visitors are then given a tab for reference.

Upon collection, visitors hand in their tab and the conveyor rotates until the coat reaches the collection point, by which point the operative can retrieve the garment and hand back to the visitor. The process is incredibly quick and significantly reduces queuing times in the cloakroom.

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