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Mattresses: crucial for guest comfort

Beds may look stunning, the linen and treats may delight – but beneath it all is the key to a restful stay

Guest comfort should always be a top priority, highlighting mattress types, firmness levels, and materials that cater to different sleeper preferences and promote breathability and temperature regulation.

Stephen Eccles, MD at Mattison Contract Beds, says: “At the top-end of our range, exploring natural and organic materials can appeal to eco-conscious guests. Sustainability is an increasingly important factor, and focusing on eco-friendly materials, mattress recyclability, and sustainable manufacturing processes as part of our ISO 14001 certification can reinforce our commitment to environmental responsibility.”

Sleep is vital to good health; yet research shows that almost one in five of us aren’t getting enough of it.

Many of the Mattison Contract Beds ranges include fillings (such as polyester) which promote circular economy benefits, allowing for products to be reused and recycled without compromising quality or cleanliness for the guests sleep experiences; helping to divert products from landfill whilst giving the raw materials a new lease of life. Eccles explains: “Ongoing efforts to refocus our product designs to hold sustainability at their core are underway to enable us – and you – to promote their environmental benefits and reap the rewards that sustainable product design offers.

Mattress weight and manoeuvrability for housekeeping teams are key factors for Mattison Contract Beds

“For housekeeping teams, ease of maintenance and durability are key considerations. Featuring mattress protection solutions and designs that facilitate cleaning and bed-making can streamline operations. Addressing mattress weight and manoeuvrability can also contribute to staff efficiency and ergonomics.”

This year has seen a new bedsteads headboards range introduced by Mattison Contract Beds, offering contemporary styling but which also meet with the expectations of hoteliers and guests alike.

The latest mattress ranges from Hypnos are very much aimed at ensuring guests enjoy a good night’s sleep. As David Baldry, group managing director, says: “Sleep is vital to good health; yet research shows that almost one in five of us aren’t getting enough of it. As we become more keenly attuned to the need for work-life balance, we see hotel guests prioritising their sleep experience, expecting the same, if not better, when they stay away from home. “At Hypnos, we are dedicated to the ‘Art of Designing for Sleep’, a concept that is a cornerstone of the guest experience. This emphasis stems from recognising that getting enough sleep promotes wellbeing through repair and restoration of our minds. In fact, adults require between seven to nine hours of high-quality sleep each night, and achieving this balance involves a spectrum of factors meticulously considered in our approach to bedroom design.” The Hospitality Origins Collection includes Hypnos handcrafted and hand-finished pocket sprung Woolsleepers mattresses filled with 11 layers of comfort, enclosed in unbleached, woven cotton and viscose ticking. Soft and breathable layers of wool are from Red Tractor-assured farms.

The Hypnos Origins Organic Collection is certified by the Soil Association. The Lansdowne Cashmere is their top-of-the-range hospitality mattress. The naturally soft and breathable layers of wool, cashmere, and dual density polyester sustainable fibre help to effectively regulate body temperature to ensure a great night’s sleep. These mattresses are covered in a Hypnos ‘God of Sleep’ woven damask made from natural viscose to provide a luxurious, breathable, and hygienic sleeping surface.

Glencraft are a luxury mattress manufacturer based in Aberdeen, where the not-for-profit social enterprise, has been handcrafting mattresses with a vision to provide employment for the disadvantaged in the local community since 1843.

Fiona McIlroy approached Glencraft to supply new mattresses for one of their most luxurious private clubs in Scotland, Pittormie Castle, an international private members’ retreat operated by The Eden Club. To ensure Pittormie Castle was supplied with the utmost comfort for their private clients, McIlroy and the Pittormie housekeeping team visited Glencraft’s manufacturing facility to sample both the Classic and Luxury ranges.

After careful evaluation they selected The Sandman mattress from Glencraft’s luxury collection. Handcrafted with a zip and link option, this mattress gave the desired luxury guest experience while ensuring the wellbeing of the Pittormie housekeeping staff who can easily turn the mattresses.

Glencraft’s tailored approach is used in every aspect of working with the hospitality industry, from custom-sized mattresses, handcrafted divans, and luxury mattress toppers. They are proud holders of a Royal Warrant.

At Sleepeezee their The Hotel Natural Splendour pillow top mattress combines up to 3,600 individual pocketed springs and double-layered pocketed springs with natural fillings, including horsehair and British wool blended with luxurious cashmere. This all helps to regulate body temperature and provides uncompromising support and comfort. Their ranges show how technology can meet with tradition, such as the Hotel Serenity mattress which combines individually pocketed springs with the very latest body-contouring Reflex foam. It also features a versatile zip-off pillow top, for three variable comfort options (firm, medium, and soft). The mattress border is upholstered in woven damask and features border handles and nickel vents to promote cool airflow through the mattress.

The Sleepeezee Hotel Tranquillity mattress combines pocketed springs with natural wool and pressure-sensitive Staycool Gel. Double sided for longevity, this mattress should be turned over and rotated every three months. The Suite 800 Exclusive choice includes body-contouring comfort foam.

Silentnight’s Rest Assured picks include the Hotel Berrington mattress with a British Cheviot wool blend layer for luxurious comfort, zoned pocket spring unit for improved spinal alignment and a unique comfort layer with highly responsive nano springs. Their Hotel Bowland and Bancroft mattresses also have a breathable and traditionally tufted sleep surface and, like the Berrington, SmartShield protection from dust mites.

Serta performance gel mattresses from Silentnight, include a five-year guarantee, as do the performance memory mattresses, scientifically proven to improve spinal alignment and offering a durable memory foam comfort layer and Miracoil support.

Aberdeen-based Glencraft produce luxury mattresses supplying the utmost comfort
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