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electrolux lagoona advanced care hotel laundry

Making hotel laundry sustainable with lagoon® Advanced Care

Michael Williams, lagoon master specialist EMEA of Electrolux Professional, comments on how Electrolux’s lagoon® Advanced Care system ensures quality results for hotels in both a sustainable and productive way.

It goes without saying that first impressions of a hotel count – the success, or failure, of a hotel often depends on the value of the service they provide. The quality of laundry and linen at a guest’s hotel, for example, can affect the overall impression of the business. As such, it’s crucial for hotel managers to invest in the right laundry equipment.

Thanks to Electrolux Professional’s lagoon® Advanced Care dual purpose wetcleaning system, hotels can now provide an cost-effective, ecofriendly way to offer both drycleaning services, suitable for a variety of textiles, from delicate garments and cleaning staff uniforms, to traditional laundry with the ability to process super king-size duvets.

The eco-friendly alternative to drycleaning The lagoon® Advanced Care solution offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional drycleaning methods along with the capability of a traditional laundry process. Wetcleaning is unique as it uses water as the solvent, eliminating the need for any toxic chemicals that are frequently used in drycleaning methods and are harmful if not used properly. Although the drycleaning industry has taken a step back from chemicals such as Perchloroethylene and moved towards more ecological solvents, it is still a long way from achieving environmental sustainability. Hotel businesses can benefit from upgrading their laundry system to the lagoon® Advanced Care as not only does it ensure staff operating the machines are safe, but it also creates an environmentally friendly way to effectively clean textiles.

Electrolux Professional’s wetcleaning system demonstrates a safe and sustainable way to professionally clean even the most complex of garments, which are the go-to alternative for managers keen to avoid using harmful cleaning agents commonly associated with drycleaning. The profitability of laundry Hotels must adhere to strict laundry routines in order to keep up with the high volume of turnover, and outsourcing can leave the finely balanced timings outside the control of hotel managers. Keeping your laundry service in-house with the lagoon® Advanced Care wetcleaning system offers peace of mind to hotel managers as the system can turnaround textiles from dry to dry in just 55 minutes. Additionally, lagoon® Advanced Care is available in five differentcapacity solutions, giving hotels maximum flexibility and the option of expanding at a later date.

The unique dual purpose wetcleaning solution offers hotels the ability to process textiles that require specialist drycleaning, as well as traditional laundry items. It can clean regular guest laundry, staff uniforms, or linen and towels, as well as delicate items such as evening gowns, wool blankets, soft furnishings, cushion covers, bed quilts and curtains. It goes without saying that a duvet will be present in every hotel room around the country, and Electrolux Professionals’ larger capacity lagoon® Advanced Care machines can easily wetclean the large volume of duvets a hotel will need to process. Furthermore, hotels can utilise their lagoon® Advanced Care laundry to make an additional profit by offering guests a valet service.

There is no limit as to what the lagoon® Advanced Care system can wetclean, so guests can get delicate garments, or ‘dryclean only’ products, cleaned. Everything from coats, wedding dresses, tuxedos and cocktail dresses can be laundered in an express service, with the system being able to process textiles within one hour. A rapid return on investment One obstacle preventing smaller hotels investing in new equipment is cost, as many hotels may not have the capital to immediately invest in brand new equipment. With that in mind, Electrolux Professional came up with a brand new way of financing lagoon® Advanced Care on a monthly basis to allow hotel operators to provide a laundry service a system that is quick, high quality and durable.

Known as Cost Per Cycle, Electrolux Professional offers a fully-comprehensive package that provides hoteliers with a rapid return on investment which they can make profit on straight away, with no hidden fees or costs. The package includes equipment, servicing, biodegradable detergents and installation, and is spread over a monthly payment. It equates to as little as £2 per cycle, thanks to fixed running costs that mean businesses can achieve up to 97 per cent profitability from the equipment. The lagoon® Advanced Care system provides hotels and B&Bs with a machine operating on short, simple processes that can be used to clean anything from pillows and duvets to staff uniforms, and even generate further revenue by serving as paid-for valet service for guests.


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