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Look after yourself and colleagues

Mindfulness expert Katie Sheen

A helping of peace, calmness and friendship always goes down well, and UKHA’s last Zoom meeting had plenty of that courtesy of a topic of Mindful Self-Care and teaming up with the AICR (The Association of Front Office Management) for the session.

The suitably calming tones of mindfulness expert Katie Sheen had everyone relaxing in front of their screens, courtesy of a free coaching session which also offered tactics and tips from dealing with tricky customers to handling your own inner anxieties. Nicola Miller, rooms division manager at Heckfield Place shared the story of the AICR, which aims to strengthen professional relationships between members and to promote the importance of the profession.

This friendly – and relaxing – session was greatly enjoyed by all attending and allowed for chat about how the pandemic had brought both front and back of house closer together as everyone ‘chipped in’.

Membership fees

The UKHA has decided to extend the membership year for a second time, now with a renewal date of 31 March, 2022. In effect this provides a free year’s UKHA membership. Some members have already paid 2020 invoices, while those with outstanding payments for that year are being asked to honour them, in the knowledge that the next invoice will not arrive until April next year.

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