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Let’s stay in touch with nature

New finds and treats in guest rooms soon become favourites adding to the hotel stay experience

The essences of nature can always work their magic, whether we’re seeking relaxation or rejuvenation. There’s much talk of wellbeing these days, but our love of natural products for their healing and revitalising properties goes back to ancient times. We might be in a city hotel rather than out in the woods gathering ingredients for a mortar and pestle, but these days the treatments are there, waiting to greet and pamper us.

A recent addition to the UK market is Bunzl Rafferty Guest Amenities, who are the leading supplier of guest amenities in Ireland, where they provide a comprehensive choice of products including the largest choice of personalised products available in the hospitality sector.

The Corby Stratus hairdryer available from Bunzl Rafferty Guest Amenities

The UK expansion comes at a time when they are devoted to delivering their expertise and drive into new areas. The Bunzl Rafferty Guest Amenities mantra is ‘Enhancing your guest experience’ and a goal is driving sustainable change through innovation and collaboration. In recent months they’ve extended the range of more eco-friendly guest amenities that can help us all move to a plastic-free future. They are the sole distributor for Rituals in Ireland, which is certified to B Corp standard by B Lab, a non-profit network supporting transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. The Rituals shampoos, conditioners, body and hand washes, lotions and shower gels incorporate unique signature fragrances and are inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions of Asian cultures.

Bunzl Rafferty Guest amenities cover numerous brands, including favourites like the Stratus 1800w hairdryer with its cool blow feature, double insulated body and overheat protection.

We also have news from luxury fine fragrance, bath and body brand, Noble Isle, who have just launched their Scots Pine amenities range featuring a fresh, evergreen scent with notes of fir, juniper berries, violet and cedarwood, alongside extracts of Scots Pine and heather. Scots Pine has been traditionally used in soaps, salves and bath salts due to the cleansing and antimicrobial properties of the resin, while heather is a time-honoured skin-soother. The two ingredients come from the responsibly managed pinewood forest of Pluscarden, in the northern Scottish province of Moray. Overlooking the 13th-century abbey of the same name, the forest is owned by Gordon Woodlands, whose founder Col Euan Gordon had a vision vision of sustainable forestry which still guides the family forestry business today.

Noble Isle’s Scots Pine amenities range includes ingredients gathered from a responsibly managed pine forest

The collection is available in 30ml, 75ml, 250ml and 5ltr sizes, as well as a 30g soap bar, and features bath and shower gel, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner, and hand wash and hand lotion in 250ml and five litre refills. All products are vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable formulations with natural extracts, no parabens or SLS, in recyclable packaging.

The multipurpose bath and shower gel can be used in the shower for a quick, richly scented cleansing experience or in the bath for longer and more luxurious cleansing rituals, with a mild yet rich foaming lather leaving skin cleansed and sumptuously scented. The shampoo is pro-vitamin with remarkable absorption properties, rendering it an excellent moisturiser, leaving both hair and scalp feeling cleansed and nourished. This gentle shampoo is ideal for everyday use and colour-treated hair.

The Ritual of Mehr collection from Bunzl Rafferty combines rich, nourishing oils and uplifting ingredients to energise body and soul
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