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Leading the way one buddy at a time


The Buddy programme rolled out by the Learning and Development team, has gone from strength to strength this past year. Taking on new bounds from region to region, it’s been a successful way to implement a new form of training. Initially rolled out in Northern regions it’s began to change the way we operate, ensuring we implement the WGC Behaviours on site and practice the One Best Way method.

On a regional basis, the Buddy programme was set up to as a new onboarding function allowing new starters camaraderie and familiarity with a key person. Furthermore, it provides support and confidence, enabling new starters to eventually take on their roles independently. This going hand in hand to putting theory to practice, taking the training up a level, by showcasing the ten-step method that ensures, productivity, efficiency and the best results.

Not only improving performance levels, the buddy programme aims to increase retention rates and deliver against continuous business objectives. Developing employee skills and increasing engagement. Not only focussed on new starters; current employees have been given an opportunity to develop and upskill their leadership and training skills.

To date we have 50 buddies signed onto the programme, keen and ready to show the One Best Way of WGC, sharing their experiences on BuddyBook. We are excited to see the programme develop and roll out nationally through all the sites we serve.


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