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It’s Holiday Time!

Just Saying with Delia Cannings
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With Delia Cannings

Well, it is for some, but that means more work for housekeeping staff who can only dream of a summer break.

The summer is here which means holidays, relaxation, and a bit of overindulgence. It’s the time of the year to chill, to rediscover you and to let your hair down. Many of us are preparing to visit warmer climates, although to be fair we have been enjoying fabulous weather here in the UK.

But we must note a study of 4,000 adults revealed that 34 per cent of holiday makers plan to cut the cost of their breaks whilst a further 16 per cent will not take a holiday this year. Among those who plan to save money on their travels, the most popular tactics are staying local to home, going on holiday out of season and reducing the duration of the break.

Relax. Yes you really can, but remember those who make your stay enjoyable

A surge in summer holiday bookings helped contribute to the UK economy, unexpectedly returning to growth which was identified in May. Health was the biggest driver, with many more people seeing their GP and booking breaks to support wellbeing. There is nothing better than the buzz of getting away from it all removing yourself from the pressures of work and after all, those who work hard often find they play hard, too. If you are going on holiday as you pack your bucket and spade, suntan lotion and insect repellent please spare a thought for housekeeping teams as they respond to the needs and demands of visitors staying in hotels, apartments, holiday homes and caravans.

The workload in the hospitality sector is significantly increased during the summer months and staff shortages have impacted hard with some teams working excessive hours to meet demand.

To help these hard-working teams to provide clean, healthy, and safe environments we can all do our bit, we can all contribute by considering and engaging some simple gestures.

  • Return room service crockery.
  • Room cleaning less frequent.
  • Separate your waste streams.
  • Reduce towel changes.
  • Reduce linen changes.

The housekeeping staff will value this contribution as they endeavour to ensure you have the best possible experience. If you are an experienced traveller, you will be aware of the common travel problems the best solution is preparation however you can not prepare for every eventuality.

I have listed a few problems with suggested solutions. Getting Lost – nowadays almost everyone has a smart phone, use Google maps. Losing your phone – install the find my phone application.

Jetlag? Alcohol won’t help it, but a walk in the fresh air will definitely help

Travel Sickness – carry travel sickness medication.

Jet lag – especially on arrival get out for a walk, take fresh air, do not drink alcohol.

Insect bites – carry insect repellent if you get bitten and start to feel sick. Seek medical advice immediately.

Sun Burn – even if it is cloudy wear sunscreen.

Food Poisoning – drink plenty of fluids, avoid dairy and alcohol.

Hand Hygiene – carry a small pack of wipes and use them regularly.

Whatever you are doing this summer please enjoy it and stay safe. I hope you come back feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready for the new challenges ahead. Happy Holidays!

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