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Is happiness at the heart of your business?

Liz Smith- Mills, Expert Advisory Council member for P&G Professional, examines the importance of happiness in the hospitality industry…


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Liz Smith-Mills is an Expert Advisory Council member for P&G Professional. With over 35 years’ experience in the hospitality sector, she has worked predominantly in four- and fivestar properties in all hotel departments, specialising in housekeeping, training, mystery guest inspections and assisting with new openings.

Where would your company be without its staff?
Think about the amount they contribute on a daily basis. Now imagine if every employee was excited and motivated to go to work every day and felt valued in their job….

How could that change your business?
With the uncertainty of Brexit and its economic implications, businesses are having to work extra hard to help employees feel secure in their roles and positive about their prospects.

Being proactive to create a happy workforce in these potentially turbulent times will go a long way to not only reduce staff turnover, but also improve efficiency and effectiveness of employees. Housekeeping is a labour intensive job, which should be supported by management involvement and encouragement. These roles are integral to business success, as hotels can’t function without clean rooms, with the added benefit that great experiences lead to happy guests, which lead to return visits and good reviews. Setting your employees up for success with the right equipment, proper training, and the right professional products– such as the extensive range available from P&G Professional – can be one way to help encourage greater job satisfaction and feelings of positive wellbeing.

To learn more about ways businesses can celebrate and support employees, P&G Professional has partnered with UKHospitality, to bring together a panel of experts for a webinar on the topic of Happiness in Hospitality.

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