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A fresh alternative to fresh flowers

Has the cost of maintaining and replacing fresh flowers prevented you from putting flowers in the rooms, suites, dining rooms and public areas? Now there is a fresh alternative to fresh flowers – Infiniblooms. Its hassle-free flowers guarantee great savings to businesses when compared to fresh flowers. The flowers and vases used are of only the finest quality ensuring a luxurious product that adds elegance to any space. The arrangements miraculously last from several months to a year. Hotel guests will be unable to see that the flowers are preserved rather than fresh.

Infiniblooms was founded in 2014 when Maria Elena, one of the founders, saw some of the finest preserved flowers in Ecuador. Upon returning to her home in London, she searched for them simply because she loved flowers and wanted some for herself. The idea to form Infiniblooms to import preserved flowers was born when she was unable to find any premium quality flowers in London.

By 2016, Infiniblooms had specialised in servicing the hospitality industry. Its knowledge of the preserved flower sector ensures that they can source the highest quality blooms from the best producers worldwide (Ecuador, Colombia, Japan).

Some of their hotel clients include The Stafford Hotel in Mayfair, The Hilton Park Lane, and The Grove in Watford, amongst others. They are also used by luxury serviced apartments, interior designers and restaurants. The Stafford in Mayfair has been using these flowers for over three years. Paul Fuykschot, the general manager says: “Infiniblooms flowers have been a great discovery and addition for The Stafford London. They look fresh and add a luxurious touch to every room. No need to coordinate constant flower deliveries as we only replace them twice a year. We started off with only flowers for the rooms and now we also use Infiniblooms for our new restaurant, ‘The Game Bird.’”

What are preserved flowers?

Preserved flowers are 100 per cent real, fresh flowers that are cut when they reach their peak bloom. At that point, they are put through a rehydration process which replaces the sap and natural moisture in the flowers with a mix of glycerine and other natural elements. This revolutionary technology allows the flowers to maintain their fresh appearance and biological structure for several months or even years. Their beauty and soft delicate appearance make it difficult to differentiate them from cut flowers.

Advantages of using preserved flowers

• Over time, the cost of these arrangements is only a fraction of the equivalent cost in fresh flowers.
• Infiniblooms arrangements are not only a cost-saving but also a time-saving alternative to fresh flowers. Using preserved flowers reduces much of the logistical coordination and maintenance required by fresh flowers. The arrangements do not need to be watered or maintained in any way so housekeepers do not have to be vigilant of yellow water or wilting flowers. Since they last approximately five to six months looking and smelling fresh and beautiful, only two to three deliveries are needed a year.
• The flowers do not cause allergies. Common allergens in flowers are eliminated in the preservation process.

What designs are available?

• Infiniblooms specialises in roses, carnations, and chrysanthemems because these are the flowers that best maintain their natural appearance and feel through the preservation process.
• Infiniblooms offers a bespoke service and provides a wide range of designs and vases to suit any style.
• Infiniblooms prefers to work with the colours found in the original fresh product, however, the roses come in almost any pantone colour upon request.
• Infiniblooms has scouted vase producers around the world and has selected only high-quality products across a variety of styles from classic to contemporary.

How to order

Infiniblooms does not require a service contract. The arrangements are bought and “reorders” are done using the existing vases at a discounted rate. This flexibility permits hotels to combine their existing florists with the use of preserved flowers. Hotels are encouraged to email or call to discuss their interests or look at
Orders for the London areas can be made online. Most orders can be delivered within two weeks but special orders of vases or colours may take longer.

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