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Increasing your revenue with wetcleaning solutions

Bringing high-demand laundry services, such as drycleaning, onsite can prove to be extremely profitable for a hotel or B&B as textile cleaning no longer needs to be outsourced to external providers.

Understandably, hotel managers, and their housekeeping team, can be reluctant to the idea of processing drycleaning internally within the business, which ultimately means they may miss out on any additional revenue. With this in mind, Electrolux Professional has seen many hotels turn to wetcleaning systems as a practical alternative to add additional services for guests, and increase the productivity of the hotel. The lagoon® Advanced Care wetcleaning system is designed to offer the speed and savings needed by busy hotels and B&Bs.

Keeping it in-house

Outsourcing laundry can leave the finely balanced timings of managing daily laundry cycles outside the grasp of hotel managers. Access to an on-premise laundry facility can allow staff to manage each step themselves and ensure that items, such as bedsheets, towels, staff uniforms, and even soft furnishings, are available when most needed. Similarly, given that no items are taken off the premises, the chance of any item becoming lost during cleaning is significantly reduced.

Wetcleaning is a great option for on-premise laundry services as it is gentle when cleaning textiles, and capable of cleaning a vast array of textiles. The priority of any housekeeper would be to make sure textiles are as clean as possible, and water is one of the most effective stain remover that there is. If you look at the type of stain, the majority of stains can be removed with water, a little soap, and a mechanical action, so wetcleaning provides an ideal solution as it uses water as the solvent. The unique dual purpose wetcleaning solution offers housekeepers the ability to process textiles that require specialist drycleaning, as well as traditional laundry items.

Thanks to the water solvent, unlike ordinary drycleaning, systems such as Electrolux Professional’s lagoon® Advanced Care system can clean delicate items including suits, woollen blankets, soft furnishings, cushion covers, bed quilts and curtains. It can also easily clean regular guest laundry and uniforms, or even linen and towels, which eliminates the need to outsource staff laundry as it can all be processed quickly onsite.

Creating additional revenue

As wetcleaning processes are so efficient, housekeeping teams can increase revenue by offering guests laundry cleaning services with a quick turnaround. One of the benefits of wetcleaning is that it equips housekeepers with the ability to process any garment, which will allow them to take on laundry that would have previously had to be turned away. Specialist textile finishes, like flocked, tweed, or coated fabrics can also easily be processed with the likes of Electrolux Professional’s lagoon® Advanced Care system. The process takes a garment from dry to dry in as little as 55 minutes, making it a desirable additional service to guests who need clothes drycleaned quickly.

Not only do customers appreciate the speed of the process, but it also means that the business can be more energy efficient and increase its productivity when it comes to cleaning a high volume of clothes. Lagoon® Advanced Care also comes in various capacities, so a wetcleaning service can grow with the businesses.

housekeeping electrolux advanced lagoon care wetcleaning

Cost-effective cleaning

There are also many dramatic financial savings to be made by investing in a wetcleaning system onsite that is readily available to housekeeping. The low-level of supervision needed to run an inhouse laundry helps keep costs to a minimum, and these savings can be increased by choosing efficient equipment which will reduce energy and water consumption over the long term. The process of wetcleaning itself is sustainable as it removes the need for any toxic chemicals that are frequently used in drycleaning.

This makes it a true eco-friendly way to clean linen, creating a unique selling point to housekeeping services. It’s often assumed that sustainable solutions are priced at a premium however the lagoon® Advanced Care wetcleaning system can easily be installed onsite in a cost-effective way. In order to help businesses seeking greener alternatives to drycleaning, but are unable to afford to buy the new equipment outright, Electrolux Professional introduced financing solution Cost Per Cycle – a comprehensive package to go alongside the lagoon® Advanced Care wetcleaning portfolio, that includes equipment, servicing, biodegradable detergents and installation, and is spread over a monthly payment. Not only can businesses get their hands on a new lagoon system but, crucially, they can start making a profit from it straightaway. Thanks to fixed running costs, this can equate to as little as £2 per cycle, meaning businesses can achieve up to 97 per cent profitability from their equipment.

About Electrolux Professional:

Electrolux Professional is a leading provider and trusted partner for unit and full solutions, with a comprehensive and integrated offer for food, beverage and laundry. Our innovative and efficient solutions help to make our customers’ worklife easier, more profitable – and truly sustainable every day. With 10,000 service technicians in over 140 countries, we offer our customers a worldwide service network. In 2018, Electrolux Professional had global sales of SEK 9 bn and 3,000 employees.

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