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How to maintain your hotel bathroom sustainably

For hotels, housekeepers and anyone else in the hospitality industry who deals with baths and bathrooms on a daily basis

Mendabath UK offer free, no obligation surveys for a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to maintaining sanitaryware.

For all the expert cleaning, there’s only so far housekeeping teams can go with worn baths, basins and shower trays revealing their age, and even leaving visitors wondering about other cleaning and maintenance standards. Indeed, it can ‘take the shine off’ their stay. Even before they became far more eagle-eyed about their surroundings, guests were sending photographs of ‘shabby bath’, ‘cracked sink’ and ‘tired looking bathroom’ to travel review sites. As we know, replacing sanitaryware can be costly, noisy, and put the room out of use for some time while fittings and possibly tiling and pipework are dealt with.

But there is a solution producing remarkable results, provided by specialists Mendabath, who deal with everything from minor cosmetic repairs to giving a scruffy-looking bath a shiny new look. At a time when budgets are tight and environmental focus must always be considered, they offer real added value – and rooms need not be taken ‘offline’ for longer than 24 hours.

Before and after: You’ll be amazed at what can be restored rather than replaced

“We help our clients to take active steps that show their commitment to their sustainability commitment and reduce the business’s carbon footprint, all by just choosing to restore opposed to replace worn baths, basins and shower trays,” explains operations director Lynne Helm. “This is not only the eco-friendly approach but is also budget-friendly when compared to replacement. And it’s great for cashflow as revenue generating rooms are out of service for as little as 24 hours, with other guests not suffering from excessive disturbance create mess, dust or noise.

Lynne Helm heads up Mendabath in the UK with husband Grant, which has been operating in the UK for over 35 years having reached here from South Africa, where what was to become the leading sanitaryware restoration company worldwide was first launched. The exclusive materials used in the Mendabath process are all produced in the dedicated South African facility.

Grant Helm runs the technical side of the business spending a good chunk of his work time meeting clients, undertaking free, no obligation surveys and being ‘hands on’ for the restoration work alongside an expert team. He says: “All our technicians are full trained to Mendabath’s exacting standards with regards to process, service and quality. You can be assured that not only are our technicians professionals at their craft but they are also a cut above the average tradesman, and accommodating and easy to deal with.”

The Mendabath experts are used to working in everything from budget properties to the most prestigious hotels, such as the TAJ, St James Court and the Goring Hotel, The Bloomsbury, Hilton – Double Trees, Editions, Oxford and Cambridge Club and the Chiltern Firehouse.

There are no isocyanates, a cancer causing chemical traditionally associated with other more common resurfacing products in the Mendabath materials. “We are passionate about what we do and how our business has a positive environmental impact opposed to alternative solutions, hopefully leaving the world in a better place than we found it,” explains Lynne Helm.

A gorgeous restored black bath at The Goring. Mendabath’s Lynne Helm has a background in interior design and is happy to advise on colour choices
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