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How guests will use hotel technology

New global research commissioned by Communications Specialist Ltd reveals that senior executives at high-end, luxury hotels expect the sector to make more use of technology to help reduce costs and improve the overall customer experience.

Around 86 per cent anticipate an increase in the use of apps available to guests to access more services (more than a fifth anticipate a dramatic increase), and 88 per cent expect hotels to make more use of self-checkout and technology for ordering room service and paying at the dining table or bar. Over the next five years, nearly all expect hotels to make more use of virtual tours to develop a digital environment for people to picture themselves in.

When it comes to the sector’s use of QR codes, 30% of those interviewed expect a dramatic increase in the hotel sector’s use of them, and 68% anticipate a slight rise. When it comes to artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT’s impact on the hotel sector, there’s still a little caution, with 16 per cent believing it will have a very positive impact on improving the overall experience of guests, and 74 per cent thinking it will have a slightly positive impact. But just two per cent think it will have a negative impact.

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