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Housekeepers’ fun delights guests

A tweet about how a hotel housekeeper posed the guest’s teddy bear chilling out on the bed went viral and has received 1.4 million ‘likes’ and over 140,000 retweets.

Myra @chocolatedisco posted on Twitter a photo of how she found her Mr Bean-style teddy, which she’s had since schooldays and now takes on business trips and family vacations. The result was thousands of people replying, many with their own photos of how housekeepers had posed guests’ fluffy companions, along with many examples of towels and linen being used to create animal models, from elephants to lobsters, or intricate floral designs.

Some of the toys were now wearing sunglasses or eye masks, or apparently operating TV remotes from a comfy position. Others were cosily tucked up in bed awaiting the return of the people sharing their room. The replies also contained the positive thoughts of housekeepers, such as that of @ThawneRF, who said: ‘ I work in housekeeping, and I tuck stuffed animals in neatly in bed. Especially when I see it’s a child staying there, I take extra care to arrange them nicely.”

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