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Hotel wetcleaning solution goes global

Renzacci UK and Electrolux’s industry-leading lagoon® Advanced Care wetcleaning systems have been turning heads amongst the global five-star hotel community in recent months, with international luxury hotel chains, Jumeirah, and 441-hotel group, Sheraton, being just two of the latest hotels to implement this eco-friendly laundry solution.

Renzacci UK, platinum partner with Electrolux and number one dealer of the year for their range of wetcleaning systems, has been leading the way in implementing these more environmentally-friendly laundry solution into hotels.

Jason Alexander, managing director of Renzacci UK, comments: “We are seeing more international hotel chains enquiring about eco-friendly laundry solutions. Of course, they need an operation that’s costeffective, will generate them more revenue, but isn’t harmful to the environment and their guests’ garments.” “The lagoon® Advanced Care wetcleaning solution fits the bill perfectly for hotels for many reasons. One, it is incredibly cost-effective and flexible, giving hotels the best of both worlds; the capacity to do traditional laundry cleaning and ‘drycleaning’ in the same machine.

Two, it negates the need for hotels to outsource their laundry and uniform cleaning, which will save them money. Three, hotels that currently manage their laundry onsite can add drycleaning to their inhouse services, which introduces an additional revenue stream” Alexander continues.

Five-star hotel groups Waldorf Astoria, Firmdale Hotels, Radisson Blu and Bvlgari Hotels and Resorts are just a few of those groups embracing the benefits of the highly profitable and eco-friendly lagoon® Advanced Care wetcleaning solution.

Alexander adds: “As a company we have nearly 50 years of helping and advising a huge number of five-star hotels and having spoken to head housekeepers, being able to offer an in-house drycleaning service for items like suits is highly desirable as it involves a quick processing time with excellent results, overall enhancing the customer experience. These in-house services increase both control and revenue.”


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